September 07, 2012 @ (Maryland)

Tags: Sad, Betrayal

My story is a bit unique and is way too long to tell here, but I will link a video in this post. I never once dated in my life because I wanted to wait until I was old enough and mature enough to handle a relationship. I met my ex when I was near 16 and right of the bat I was there for her when she was dragged up from FL. to MD. because her mom wanted to be with her high school sweetheart. I did everything for this girl and she moved in within a month of meeting. We lost each other's innocence to one another. Later she would get sick of MD and eventually just leave and say we would do long distance. She never liked to talk and was slowly changing. She went from a sweet innocent girl to one of those general f***ed up teens today. She told me she would see me so I flew down to Florida at age 17, only for her to change her mind. Like I said there is too much to speak of in this box. I have a video that's 2 hours long for those of you that actually want to hear what happened. I'm trying to get through to her with support from the world that she changed for the worse because I don't want to lose her. YouTube link



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November 14, 2012



November 02, 2012

Gabor, put your video back on YouTube. I want to hear your story



September 16, 2012

I know, it's just I feel so bad because she never had proper parents to raise her. Your parents determine how you come out, and because her father was banned from this country and her mom neglected her, she never got the proper raise up. I feel bad for her and everyone tells me she is a b**** and I should ignore her. I know one day she is going to figure out through getting treated like crap by other men, and come back. The issue with that is even if I move on, I will feel pity based on how she grew up. If you watch the video it will elaborate on this.



September 16, 2012

Hey gabor, i just read your post, sounds like you need some advice? Well i would say that she's not worth it, you sound like a good guy who treated her nice but some girls just arent into that sort of thing... Also some people can't handle long distance, its quite a difficult one as you dont see each other as much and stuff like that. Also, you said she's changed, into something that she wasnt before, therefore, she isnt what you want anymore, right? Its hard to let go, but you cant be in a relashionship with someone who's changed so dramatically, it would do your head in. Try and find someone else, someone closer to town and just get over her! to be honest, she sounds like a right c**


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