September 06, 2012 @ (texas)

Tags: Broke up. Chance

so my girlfriend broke up with me but still wants to be best friend. So this is what happen im always calling her and wanting spend time with her, im just really clingy and i don't give her space and always asking her question and up her ass about stuff. i get upset when she busy with school and homework. For the past year she has told me to change and give her space but i never did and she broke u with me for good. and its only been couple days and i been trying to give her space and not be around as much and she told me that she still in love with me but not completely and she just wants to be single and work on herself with school and stuff. do you think i have a chance to get her back, im working on myself and changing



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September 16, 2012

Heya, sounds like your quite upset about this girl :( I can understand her point of view, as some boys can be quite controlling, but only because there insecure, right? Its good to be protective, but you cant control her, she is her own person and you might not be her top priority all of the time, you have to understand that... She wants time to work on herself, so thats what she's going to do, it doesnt mean she doesnt care or love you, she's just not sure what she wants. Give her time, things like this doesnt happen over night, and dont give up on her! if you do change your ways, then im sure she'll be back, she obviously likes you a lot :) good luck xx



September 14, 2012

Hey i think she will come back if she loves you :) and if u can change this habit then thats really sweet! Best of luck!


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