June 11, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: long term relationship, breakup

Question... How do you get over someone who you dated for almost 10 years? It would've been 10 years this year and at the moment I'm really upset. The first mistake I made was dating at such a young age. I was 12 and he was 13 and although we dated right away after meeting, he was my best friend. We've been through so much but never cheated on each other. I honestly thought by next year we would marry. He was actually the first to mention marriage years ago so over the years I believed it would happen. Anyway our relationship changed a few months ago starting with issues at each others home to him being unhappy with certain choices he's made in his life. Now he's completely distant and mean. He treats me like I never existed and keeps saying he wants to get his life together for himself. I get it but he's my life and all i've known. I still love him very much although he says he doesn't know if he still loves me. Anyway I'm just sad and can't understand how things changed so suddenly and I miss him. We still talk but he just hurts me by the way he acts and the things he says.



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June 17, 2012

I mean, you've been with this guy for 10 years.....10. Years. A LOT of marriages don't last that long. You need to understand that no matter how he's acting right now, his heart is molded around you. So he can never truly stop loving you, especially after all this time. What is also obvious though is that you guys never got a chance to develop! You started so early its ridiculous. I know its the last thing you want to hear, but he is probably wondering why he is set with one girl for his whole life, never trying a different flavor. You definitely feel this way too, you just dont feel it now because youre the one who was dumped. This is what needs to happen. You need to give him space. STOP TALKING TO HIM. STOP. Cut off all contact. Make him feel like he lost you. TRUST me. Take the time to not think about him and move on to a certain extent. Workout, get in better shape, go Out, see how you can do on the single market! While you're doing this and NOT contacting him, he'll first be content with his decision, then quickly look back at you. Instead of seeing a sad depressed, and very needy and desperate girl who keeps badgering him... (im sure you are), he'll see a girl who "moved on" and has other dudes hitting on her. The good times will reminisce, and I promise you he will chase you back. Then you should trail him along, dont get back fast. Throughout this whole process, keep your mind open as well. Who knows, you might find someone better. However, the point is, you need to make him realize that you have options and that you're not his fallback girl.



June 14, 2012

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