January 01, 2012 @ (egypt)

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hi, i really dont know what to do .my bf travelled to work to another country but although we were far but we kept in contact and we were so good.until he recieved email that he cant take a vacation before at least 2013 and he told me he's thinking alot about our relation and my father as he may not accept me wait him according to our traditions.and he tell me he hopes that he can reach me.when i asked him do you want to leave me he said not like that but dont base your life on me bec. Your father wont accept that.l cant bear this pain i feel he doesnt care but he told me he still love me and he is working there for my sake. Could anyone tell me what to d?? i havent eat for a week and im crying all day and i tried to text him but he doesnt respond?



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January 02, 2012

Sometimes we don't do anything but all he need is time to understand that he needs to fight for you and your relationship. I don't think you made a mistake just be patient, when he sees that you are not texting him or looking for him he will start looking for you. Give him space to think about his situation and the future of you both. If he really loves you he will appear again. If he doesn't come back or reply he is not worth it. You need a guy that protects you and fight for you against everything... hopefully he will but if he doesn't let him go. God sees the pain you are suffering right know and you will have a reward for that.



January 02, 2012

actually i dont know what is my mistake or fault?? to not to text me back at least ?? i dont understand?



January 01, 2012

Baty, I definetely understand your situation, I went through the same one week ago, I don't have energy for anything all I do is sleep because that way I don't think, cry or feel deppresed. The only advised I can give you is do not pressure him. My exboyfriend told me something similar but he did not break up altough he was very distant for 2 or 3 days. I couldn't handle it and start asking him questions about our future, and reasons, then he broke up. I know he loves me but he needed a time. Now because of my mistakes I will have to leave him alone at least couple of months to see if he really wants to be with me and maybe he will come back. Just be patient Baty, eat... I know it is hard, but there is nothing God can't do, and if he is the one it doesn't matter anything you will be together. Just be patient and don't panic because there is when you make mistakes and then he will have that push to finally walk away. I hope you feel better.


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