September 05, 2011 @ (East Coast)

Tags: text message

I sent my boyfriend of 4 months a text message (while he was at work on a Friday) and I told him that I was tired of being in a one-sided relationship and for him to throw out anything that I had left at his house. Needless to say, he and I never spoke since that infamous text. He had it coming to him though--he never appreciated me and took me for granted.



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September 30, 2011

Agree with Chico, Breaking up by texting, shows you're not mature enough to be in a relationship. The fact that you say you haven't talked since the infamous text, and the fact that you cl* he took you for granted leads me to believe there may have been no relationship at all, and it was all in your head. When you texed him telling him it was over, maybe he care.


Chico Rush

September 07, 2011

breaking up by text message makes you a fucking coward.


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