July 23, 2011 @ (FL.)

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My husband said the words I needed to hear, "you'll never be alone again"... and I believed him. His actions behind closed doors were mentally abusive, he even was able to convince our novice church counselor's that it was me. His assault was ruthless and without mercy all the while appearing to all others as the nicest guy ever. I went to a professional counselor and right away she recognized his behavior as narcissistic. True to the disorder your complete emotional,mental and circumstantial destruction is their goal. I lost my friends, had to move from the place I loved, lost my home, my career, my dreams, any respect I had from my peers in college. I still want to move back to that area (I love the mountains) but have nothing left there. He still works in the ministry (I introduced him to)there as far as I know and attends the church we went to together. I am hoping to trust again in another relationship.



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August 05, 2011

Many people cl* to be Christians but very few truly are. I was with a girl that betrayed me 4 times after I forgave her the later 2 were when she said things were over after I found out. I bent over backwards to help undo what her ex had done to her and in return she accused me of using her, being a stalker, that I acted like I owned her, etc. I asked for proof and she never had any. Oh yeah and she never once loved or cared about me and that I was nothing but a mistake. How's that for a first relationship. So she destroyed my name but thank the Lord her parents didnt believe her. I still love her despite it all bec I gave her everything in the hopes that she would shine on her own. Apparently she isn't like that but at the same time I ask God why? I prayed for 8 years and had a total of 6 dreams where I married this girl even saw her dad before I ever knew who they were. So weird but anyway, people make the choices they make bec God gives us free will. Our nature influences us but our actions and words speak for themselves. Philippians 4:13 helps a lot. also play this song it brought me to my knees and I burst into tears. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSoAkJXjxiU


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