January 31, 2011 @ (Philadelphia )

Tags: Hesh1

I met this girl at work and I felt something when I first laid eyes
On her. We were talking for about 7-8 months. I did everything for her, i treated her like any girl would love to be treated. However she's only 20 and I'm 26, I don't know if it's the age thing but it kills
Me I was always there for her and out of no where she tells me she doesn't think i was the one for her, apparently i was funny enough so she says, then I try to talk to her and she then tells me she doesnt think I'm the one. But if only I acted myself around her she would she that I am a fun guy to be around and things could be different but she's being a dick treating me like a ass and I never even cheated on her. Fml



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February 11, 2011

Ummm...*blushing*...BOTH!! lol


Chico Rush

February 09, 2011

which pat do you agree with?the manning up and not being a pussy part?or the hair pulling and ass smacking part?



February 09, 2011

I'd have to agree with Evan!! lol


Evan Marz

February 01, 2011

You "did everything for her" translates to being a needy little bitch who worships her pussy. No wonder why she left you; you're not a challenge. How do you know how any girl would love to be treated? Most girls like to have their asses smacked and hair pulled. Did you do that to her? Plus she's 20 years old. No 20 year old is looking for "the one". She hasn't even formed her full identity yet. She's not being a dick treating you like an ass, you need to man up and stop being a baby.


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