January 23, 2011 @ (Oklahoma)

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so long story short, I think i may be prego with my bosses kid....... im only 18 i think i may need a new job consiering my boss is married with two young children FML



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March 15, 2011

Rachel You are not too bright--You never let a guy dump his load in your recepticle until you get married. Your boss will deny he knocked you up to save his own ass..Where are your Morals ???


troll slayer

February 27, 2011

well yeah katt, i can blame you, you said it, lol



February 15, 2011

Slayer, Can you blame me??? I'm so sick of women like her, and unfortunately, they are over populated! LOL It's disgusting, no morals or respect for others nor themselves. So sad.


troll slayer

February 14, 2011

do i smell an internet trollz



February 09, 2011

Why are you a skank? Or why don't you respect yourself?? Were you touched inappropriately as a child or in an abusive/alcohol/drug addicted family?? There's gotta be a reason why an 18 can't find a man her own age who is SINGLE and can't keep her legs CLOSED!!! And it's sad because I'm sure my hard earned taxes will be part of your welfare check!! You're disgusting!!!


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