December 27, 2010 @ (Boulder City Nevada)

Tags: Cameron Cuny

Let's see. It's December... 6months ago.

I was dating this doucher, and I met someone online.He was, perfect? No, perfect is an under-state-ment. Anywys, we fell in love. We both did, instantly.

God, I'm getting flash backs; we celebrated Fourth of July together. July 3rd we met and fell inlove, and became the greatest relationship ever. Hours and Hours on the phone, everynight. Webcams, phones, Im's. But, everyone was right.. Long distance doesn't work.

Anyways... We were amazing, but we only lasted a short time. I remember the breakup so vividly. I was high off of life, hanging out with my best friend, walking home, and as I passed the alleyway across the way from my alley, I got a phone call from my baby. I remember him talking to his buddy breifly, and then getting serious. He just explained to me that it wasn't working. He then asked, if I was alright, and with tears in my eyes, I replied yes. He told me if I needed to cry I could.

Oh I needed to cry alright. But I told him I didn't want him to have to hear it for, I didn't want him to feel bad. I told him I had to go...

My friend Devin was concerned.

I turned around, facing away from her, and cried, silent at first.

I tried to walk, i was so shaken, I couldn't walk, so I stumbled and fell. I sat against the wall, and Devin rushed over. I just started to scream. I couldn't breath, and I was screaming. Devin helped me up while I was still bawling, and she hugged me. I was so crushed. It felt as if he took a kife, rammed it into my heart, and then twisted the blade. After about an hour, I regained enough of my composure to get home..
As sooon as I was in my room, I began to cry again. I turned up my music and cried. After like... roughly 3 hours, Devin went home. I never stopped crying.

I did something I have never done before too.
I became numb. I was in such denial. It was so not over.

I couldn't even feel my heartbeat anymore, and pathetically, I cut myslef. I didn't want to die, I was making sure I was still alive.

He called me. I swear, I just sat there, with the phone muted, crying, screaming, not breathing. he was apologizing. Which broke my heart even more, causing me more pain.

This was the first guy, the first person I have ever felt love for, and he does this too mee? I would tell everyone exactly why he broke up with me, stupid reson, but I don't want to be mean. Why would anyone do this to me? My first real true heart break.. and it still haunts me. 6 MONTHS LATER! Why?

I have cried so many times, just at random, and if any of my friends even say his name, itnsta-cry. Little things remind me of him. Especially the song, It's Not Over- Second HandSerenade. I have listened to it atleast 100 times in the last couple hours. It's 3:46 in the morning.. I have officially been crying for 3 hours. Yay. what an accomplishment. Are you happy Cameron? Knowing that the fucking thought of you makes me cry. And when i do cry, I can't breath. I put myself through hell, for you. And what's even worse... I still love you.




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May 23, 2011

girl i kno how u feel, i went to the point that i cut myself as well.. i wanted to go to the hospital just to see if he wouild visit me, i kno that sounds so crazy nd pathetic but i did. can i ask you how u started dating this new guy? like did it feel weird that it wasnt ur ex? idk how to start talkin to another guy :/



February 23, 2011

Katt: Thanks. I really have grown up a bit since then. I was having a bad night the night that I wrote this. haha. I now have an amazing and perfect boyfriend.. Micheal. Thank you so much for commenting, and for reading.. it's a lenghtly onee :D Love, Brandee.



January 28, 2011

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January 28, 2011

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December 30, 2010

Ok...u may be a kid like u say, n if u can realize that, then realize its not worth it!! cutting urself??? Still crying after all this time to the point u gotta mute the phone n cant breathe??? dont u have friends?? if ur a kid like u say, go out w ur friends, is there a 6flags or something around u?? shit! lol have fun, enjoy ur youth, GO TO SCHOOL n get a diploma, mold urslef to be a strong, independent woman!!! I got hurt when i was a teenager n my heart got broken but i never thought it was the end of the world!! i kept it moving!! u need to build ur self esteem...get a mani n a pedi, get ur hair done, n look in the mirror n realize ur beautiful n that u dont need some1 in ur life...not to toot my own horn but i left the douchebags behind n i grew up, n i own my own house, have a great job, i look pretty damn good if i may say so myself (lol) n i have amazing friends n family n an awesome man in my life!! n many ppl i know from school all have multiple kids, no cars, waiting at the bus stop, on welfare, and STILL fighting/crying over the guys they were with in school, miserable cuz they havent changed n still cheat n treat them like shit!! U dont want to be that person, u want to be the 1 that got out of that mess living the good life...n if ur gonna be having sex, please use condoms n birth control...yes, BOTH at the same time!!! both prevent babies but u really dont want to be stuck w a disease the rest of ur life!! Its not cute!! =)



December 28, 2010

Thanks (: Hahah, your like, nicee. :3



December 27, 2010

I see, i lost my frist love not to long ago, but truth is long distance wont work if you dont think it will, he was using you, and he probaly moved on, but let him know how much he hurt you so he can live with it, and feel sorry, but he did apologize, move on, an dont cut your self, it will leave scares that you will live with for ever



December 27, 2010

Ouch (: hahaha, It only hurts sometimes, and yes, I am a kid. Get the fuck over it! You are so cool, because you tell me to grow up, yet everyother human being I know said the same thing, nonetheless, thanks for the advicee.



December 27, 2010

i know why he left yu cause yur one crazy bitch, i mean damn yu acting like it was the end of the world, he used yu for a fuck and thats all so get over him and move on stop being so childish or wait maybe yu r one.


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