September 09, 2010 @ (california)

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okay so i've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. well ex-boyfriend now. we have a baby girl together, she is about to be ten months. okay so we don't live together & i had thrown away a whole bunch of baby bottles. & i only had 2 i lost one & the other one was in my moms truck & she wasnt home. so i called my bf to go buy me a bottle because of what happened so he said "i dont have a ride & my mom isn't here she has my money" & i clicked & called him ack a whole bunch of times but he wouldnt answer so i called his cousin asking for my bfs mothers cell # he said he didnt have it & i was like hes acting like a little bitch whenever he needs a ride he gets it whenever he needs money he gets it. so i told my bf i dont want you near me or my baby. we dont need you so i called my friend & asked him to get me a bottle from safeway & he did ut before that my bf calls me and says you dont want me to take the bottle i said no its fine & he says fuck you bitch fuck you nigga & more stuff so i just hang up. & he keeps sending me texts so i told him i need space & he has to show me he wants us & show me he didnt mean it & he has to try hard if not im so gone!



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December 30, 2010

how old are u??? what is ur problem???? 1st, why the hell u threw away her bottles n then call him n ask for 1?? it seems like u did it on purpose for an excuse to call him n it backfired on u!! i really hope ur on birth control right now, i bet u guys had problems b4 u got pregnant n u thought having his baby would change him n keep him around...ur naive...ur a mother now so GROW UP!!! U have a life that u are responsible for!! stop waiting around for him to "show u he wants u" cuz he obviously DOESN'T!!! If he did, he would be w u guys! HELLO!! WAKE UP!!! Take care of ur daughter cuz u dont want her to grow up like u being pathetic n chasing after guys who dont want anything to do w her!! Wouldnt that break ur heart??? SO STOP!!! Be an example for her!! Go back to school n make something of urself cuz she's depending on u!



October 08, 2010

Boy, you and everybody you talk about seem like trailer trash. People like you shouldn't be allowed to breed. You baby is just fucked



September 10, 2010

Punctuation: learn it.


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