February 22, 2010 @ (GA)

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First off I am not a nutcase,yes I can write fuck and I didn't write it because the word because that's how I texted it too him and this was not the first time he ignored me like that for your info I wouldn't answer for the whole day and then call me the next day when I was sleep ok and I might be clingy but he actually told me he wants me to cling to him when I told him I would stop being clingy and you know what I am younger than him but so what he's about 7yrs older than me. Here's an update on that he called me and said that he was mad at me for sayin fuck you and he didn't want to speak to me and he said he doesn't want us to have a love/hate kind of breakup because he loves me and cares about me



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April 16, 2010

lol wut



March 14, 2010

This post and the previous are the most poorly written thing i have ever read. Ever. And that is saying a lot on the interwebs. OP is clearly a retard.



February 25, 2010

No, you ARE a complete nut case. No way that you are 19 --- unless you are 19 but have the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. You are creating all this drama in your life out of nothing. Calm down



February 24, 2010

You don't have to make it "good" just readable with a little bit of punctuation would have been enough. PS. sweetie hope you learnt your lesson- don't swear to the man of the house



February 24, 2010

No sweetie I'm 19 and I can type I just don't care enough to really make sure its good because its not like you know me



February 24, 2010

WTF - By your typing I would say your 12- 13 years old. So that would make him ummm..20!!


chico rush

February 22, 2010

if he's seven year older than you and acting like this then he's definately a douchebag and should know beter.he still doesn't deserve you crying over him


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