Davina G

December 05, 2020 @ (India)

Tags: Bad breakup

I was in a very dark place mentally ,I had no life plans .we just recently parted from a 1 years live in relationship and shipped to long distance relationship. He was always avoiding my calls at 1st ,then only talked when he had the time to call that too for only 5 to 15 mins then he'll insisting hang up claiming he needs his sleep . I tried my best to maintain our relationship but I got a hint of him cheating me. Obviously ,I denied it 1st then I believe it but I still wanted to stay with Me. I love to hear him say he loves me but deep down I also knew that he only calls and contacts me when I m need by him .once I denied to help him only to tease him a little bit but he got mad ,and call me many names like slut and what not ,I could his friends laughing in the back. Then few nights later he called and apologized, I accepted his apology . After two days I was feeling very down ,I was even having suicidal thoughts with inferior thought . I kenew he won't pick up my calls but still I tried calling him, because I really need a talk that night . I called him 5 times he didn't picked up then I msg him saying I knew what he did .he instantly call back and then I said y did you ignored my calls he obviously denied it,I didn't got to say a word with him a friend of his snatched his phone and started talking to me which hurter me a lot then I said to the friends in an irritated voice that I had nothing to do with you plz give phone to my bf .then his other friends started to scold me ,I was in the very of crying when he picked up the phone and said why are u always disturbing my fun . Then again his other friend snatched his phone lecturing me how I should respectfully talk to them while my boyfriend was laughing in the back which shattered my feelings .Then I got mad and asked him to never call me . Then again I was so mad and wanted to say a thing or two to his friends and him .I call 38 times weeping but none of them were answered ,I haven't talked to him since. I m sad all the time think about him ,dream about him.worst part is in my dream both of us are happy together as soon as I wake up reality hits me .



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