November 08, 2020 @ (USA )

Tags: Bad breakup

It's been a month since I realized it had all been a lie. It was easy to trust him because we had a mutual friend little did I know that was my ticket to hell. We had been friends on Facebook for over an year but we never talked then one day he reaches out and from there on the rest was history. The beginning was amazing. We had so much in common not only in what we liked but also in out careers. We talked for hours on the phone and I remember being the happiest person until I was not. Throughout the seven months we were together he was seeing me and another woman who he had denied and swore on his mothers name that she was just a person he knew. He denied even when some of his friends told me it was all true. I remember being so devastated it felt as if I was losing my mind. I was so angry at myself. I felt so much anger I couldn't be around people and I still am. I have been trying to understand why he chose to do this to me. I was having a peaceful life a couple of months ago now I don't even remember how that felt like. I hope one day I wake up and stop crying. Stop blaming myself for being stupid and easily lied to. I just don't know how I will be able to trust again.



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