September 30, 2020 @ (Karachi)

Tags: No relationship breakup

I met her about 3 and a half years ago online. We soon became friends. She lived in the same city as me and we met once before she moved to Australia. Our friendship continued to grow. We talked frequently but it never turned into anything romantic until 3 years later.
I started to develop a romantic interest in her and thought about proposing her to marry me. That idea solidified in my mind and I finally picked up the courage to ask her. She didn’t say yes right away but few days later she gave a nod.
We continued to talk now even more frequently than before. She made me laugh, I made her laugh. My life became much more exciting and fun. She always messaged me or called first if for some reason there was a communication gap which never lasted more than a day.
Fast forward 4 months into this, she told me that her family was looking to get her married. It didn’t bother me at first but when she told me that she was gonna meet with the guy who her family set up for her, that got me really worried and mad her for not saying no. She was willing to move forward with the marriage potential and I tried to talk her out of it but it didn’t really work. I ended up losing a lot of self respect in my desperate attempt to to stop her. She gave a hundreds of excuses as to why she didn’t wanna say no and at the same time she didn’t give me a clear answer to what she wanted.
This really hurt me because she was the one who pulled me into it. If she didn’t lead me on from the beginning, I wouldn’t have invested my tome and effort into her.
Our last conversation didn’t really end up on a bad note but I sure did lose a lot of attraction she had for me because of me acting weird and desperate.
I decided to never talk to her again and move on with my life. It’s been 2 days and I’m really struggling with my thoughts and emotions but I know I will move on from this.



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