Destiny Mullins

July 30, 2020 @ (Vicco, Kentucky)

Tags: Saddest thing I've ever experienced

First of all, we're gonna put some back story in here.
It wasn't me, but it was my ex bestfriend (who we'll call Jessica) and her ex boyfriend (Noah). Now, please note that they had sex the first night they met, so it obviously wasn't gonna last. But, basically, Noah was kinda a player. He went around from girl to girl without a care in the world...until he met Jessica. They are both really great people, they come out as assholes sometimes, but they have big hearts. A few weeks after they met, Jessica got pregnant. So, since Noah's parents were really religious, they felt it was right to get engaged. They were so cute together, Noah offering to hold her hair while she puked, or just them falling asleep together while watching a movie. All was well with everyone...until Jessica lost the baby. She blamed it on Noah because he "was never around", but he was ALWAYS around. He works from home because of corona. They were devistated, and had A LOT of issues after that. One day, Jessica said she needed some space and Noah was completely understanding of that. She went to her cousins house, where her ex lived, but Noah believed that she would be loyal. A few days went by, and he hadn't heard of her. So, like the loving boyfriend he was/IS, he checked her facebook and saw something I wish he hadn't. He saw that Jessica had gotten back with her ex, and had unfriended him. He started crying, and I swear it was so sad. He went in their room, got his stuff, put it in his car, and said the saddest lines I've ever heard in my life: "I don't know what I did wrong, but I'll be okay. I can't say I haven't gotten jealous, because I have. But most importantly, I'll miss you guys, you're like family to me...I love you all."
I'll never forget the look on his face when he left.



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