March 12, 2019 @ (Virginia )

Tags: Hard breakup

My story goes like this. I started college this year and when visiting back home over winter break i found that someone down there liked me, after going on a few dates we began to seeing each other. Over the course of the next 3 months we laughed together, cuddled, and just had a blast. When things began to get busy for me again in college i made sure that i texted her everyday but i couldn't really go down there for weekends as my education needed me to study, or i wanted to spend some time with friends i hadn't seen in a while. I thought things were going good and was planning on going back down more regularly after spring break, but she stopped texting after a few days even when i texted her good morning which she told me that she loved waking up to. And we were going to go see How to Train your Dragon 3 together, but the day before we were supposed to we had a talk and she said that she wanted a relationship that wasn't so distant... This hurt... I told her we could try and make it work but she said " I don't want to force anything that wouldn't happen naturally." But still... I respected her view on the topic and that's where the relationship ended there... and now I'm just wondering if i did something wrong or should've gone down more even during my exam weekends... I just needed to get this off my chest... Because this was my first real relationship and I can't help but wonder if she just wasn't interested in me anymore, because after being bullied for years in elementary and middle school, I'm a bit self conscious of my looks even though I know that, that shouldn't be what matters in a relationship... But I can't help from thinking if it was just me you know?



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