October 19, 2016 @ (Canada)

Tags: my fault, i'm sorry

So there are all of these "my boyfriend did something to me" but this time its a little different, its actually me that did something not very cool to my boyfriend and I totally regret it! It all happened on THAT day, at my friend's uncle small cinema ( about 30-40 places). My friend told me I could bring some friends but only 2-3 since our whole "squad" was there and some other people she knew would come. So I went over there with my boyfriend and his brother and we sat at the complete back of the room, if i remember, we were on the 4th seat from the right side of the alley. So the movie started and my boyfriend went to get something (I don't remember what it was but I think it was food). He left for a good 5 minutes, so I started talking to him (yes i am part of these rude people at the movie theatre) and the more we talked the more I thought he was cute. I then put lip balm on since I am a lip balm addict and I always put some on so his brother told me "you must have very soft lips" and i said "well i guess your brother must be very lucky" and then he said "maybe one day" and I had the great idea of saying "why waiting for some other day when we can do it now" (i know its cheesy) and we kissed... The worst part is that I liked it! When my boyfriend arrived, I bursted in tears and ran to the washroom. I stayed there really long until I finally got out. I told him everything that happened but suprisely he didn't seem to care. I invited for him to break up with me because he did not deserve that but then he said that he wanted to stay with me : "why would I leave you? you like me so much you couldn't hide it from me and you care about me so much that you want me to leave you just because of that." I hugged me and we left the place and went at his house but the only problem and the one thing I didn't tell him was that since the kiss, I developed a small feeling for his brother. At his house, he made a test, he left me in a room with his brother to prove me it was an accident and that he trusted me. Now his brother kissed me and i didn't stop him, i kissed him too, a long and honest kiss. Then my boyfriend didn't trust me anymore... He broke up and we didn't talk anymore. Now its a bit better and we still talk together but not as much as we used to. During 3 months I secretly dated his brother and a few days ago, I told him about it. He was not that mad and he said one sentence I am always going to remember:

- love is like a wild animal, it seems nice but can be dangerous and even if we think we are its friend it will either jump in your face and attack you or run away to someone else's arms. No matter what you do or how you do it, you can't stop someone from loving as long as you can't stop the horse from running.

I dont freakin' know where he got this quote from but I will always remember it! This guy is the sweetest guy ever! he can be so stupid sometimes but is always full of wisdom!!! I really feel sorry and I am really thankful for him understanding my situation!



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