April 17, 2016 @ (on group text)

Tags: bad breakup, depression breakup

I was recently diagnosed with depression and I was very boyfriend said he would stick with me and try almost everything to make me feel better- well and month went and I got on my period, to make it worse he put it on group message with my friends. He said this "I'm done with the relationship. I'm too stressed out. Maybe once this is all resolved we can think about it again. If you need need something you can tell me in person. Otherwise I'm done. I will be leaving this chat soon. " I am so heartbroken I thought he was the one for me.In conclusion my depression has gotten worse significally.



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May 03, 2016

I know you have probably heard this many times but he is not worth your pain it really is not you it is him. He sounds very immature and not ready for a real relationship


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