April 10, 2016 @ (NC)

Tags: badbreakup

I had finally let go of my last serious Ex, and dated a little afterward. I made a hot or not account (big mistake.) I met this guy, he was so different from all the others, he didn't want to just meet up and have sex. We talked about God and our struggle to be better followers of Christ. We talked all the time before our first date, and I was starting to really appreciate him as a person, just being there for me. Then we had our first date, after weeks of txting. I was so nervous, he was so sweet and it had been awhile that I'd dated anyone. He came to my door and I answered, he was surprised at how pretty I was (haha.) I sat in his car and he gave me a sweatshirt of his with his interesting last name on it, we joked about it earlier. It didn't take long for us to fall for each other. The next four months, we were inseparable. Little did I know, he was crumbling on the inside. We didn't live close to each other, so every trip to his house or mine took a couple hours. I felt like it was worth it, to be around him. Apparently he didn't feel the same way...because one night he broke up with me. He felt he didn't have enough time with his friends, and he was physically exhausted. Unfortunately for me, I'm still in love with him...I wanted to marry him. I honestly would take him back if he said "Bubby, I wanna make this work with you. I'm sorry." But, in real life, it never seems to happen that way for me until I've forced myself to get over him and he finally wants me back. We were both 19, and he said that he figured out he wasn't really ready like I was...hurts like hell knowing that he still cares for me, wants me to be happy even when it's not with him...



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