March 09, 2016 @ (School)

Tags: Bad breakup

I first met my boyfriend on a open evening at school in mid September it was then I discovered I had feelings for him. His birthday was coming up so I decided this was the perfect chance to show that I cared about him so I bought him a birthday present. He was over the moon when I gave him it , it made me happy too. in the start of November 2015 we started going out we had a solid relationship I though nothing could come between us. I was wrong there though. a few weeks into January 2016 some of my so called "friends" started asking him random things "Louise is asking if you still care about her." Louise wants to know why you are telling people that you's are not together anymore".
When my boyfriend told me all the things my "friends" were saying I was heartbroken how could they tell him these things I Loved him and still do very much. the day of our break up was very weird. I went to the shops as normal in the morning before school, then I met him outside the school gates he gave me the best kiss of my life and told me he would love me forever. I really believed he would. but something happened during the school day I'm not in any of his lessons so the only time I would see him was after school. so when the bell went for the end of the day I went and waited for him as usual , but something was wrong he was crying and he never cried. he told me things arnt the same with my friends spreading things about us like this and he couldn't take it any more then he told me he was breaking up with me that was the day he let me walk away crying and he didn't even one word to sort things out. Now 2 months on we never talk and every time I pass him he always stares and smiles, I get along great with his sister who tells me I am all he goes on about but doesn't feel he can ask me out again because he thinks I hate him. I don't I still Love him and always will.
If only he knew how I felt about him maybe we would be together again.xxxxxxxx



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March 14, 2016

I know you may think he is a loser, but he isn't and he didn't just leave me he kept asking me if things were ok and he is a really sensitive guy and I respect that he couldn't deal with my friends teased him. But I want to know why he keeps looking at me and smiling I don't get it ???????????? anyone who can help


Risk Everything

March 13, 2016

Personally if u ask me i dont think u should go back to a loser like that , i mean its pretty obvious u love him a lot and then , if he just LEFT you because ur friends teased him , thats a lame excuse and u could do so much better then a guy like that !!



March 09, 2016

HI Louise I feel really bad fro you as a similar sort of thing happened to me I still cry night about not being in his arms x


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