January 17, 2016 @ (Manila)

Tags: Breakup

Me and my ex boyfriend were living together for almost 2 years when we broke up. The unforgetable date was December 29, 2015. He said he wanted to prioritize his family, friends and his self. He said he's tired with everything. I wasn't expecting that to happened. We were so happy last Christmas that's why I was really shocked. My heart was in bad shape after that. I tried to accept it and tried to think all of the bad things we had in the relationship but in the end everything went down. I couldn't focus at work, he said he won't go back to the apartment if i'm still there. Everything seems to be falling apart. He went home December 31 to get some clothes and I did take that chance to begged....begged...begged... but all he said was "no". I don't know what to do, I planned everything with him on it. I don't understand why it was so easy for him to let me go. For him to dumped me.. I gave my best and all in that relationship. I prioritized him in everything.. I tried to be okay for about 2 weeks when he started texting and I did reply because I missed him. We talked after 2 weeks and he said he wanted to give our relationship a chance but that chance did not last for a day. He texted me that night and all he said was "sorry". I was so hurt and hopeless again. I asked him to give me a week but he said "no" again. He agreed to have a dinner the next day where I ended begging for his love. I told him that I'm not expecting anything for him and asked him to give me 1 week to stay but he said "no". He said he wanted to go home and again I begged for him to accept me even just for a night and finally I heard the word "yes". That whole night was so painful, I just cried the whole night because he made me feel that I'm not there. Pain was higher that the love that I have. I prayed for more strength, I prayed that no one will also feel the pain that I have..



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