January 11, 2016 @ (minnesota)

Tags: still love you but im being strong bad break up

me and my boyfriend breaking up is one of the worst thing my heart is completely broken. the break up took a lot from me. It took my bestfriend but it also took our late night calls just to hear each others voice because we could not sleep without hearing each other say "i love you" it took us falling asleep on facetime but he would sit their and watch me sleep because he would swear that would give him peace. it took me staring into those brown eyes that would make me fall in love and us just staring at each othe and your eyes getting watery because you were so happy you could call m yours. me laying in your arms and making me feel at home. t took away how i would shake after kissing you. the way muy hnd would fit into yours like the were a missing puzzle piece.it took away my frst true love and the boy that was always their for me. but let me tell you what this break up did not take: The ability for my love to keep growing for you my sweet boy, miss you forever



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