January 10, 2016 @ (Miami)

Tags: Bad breakup

My breakup started on the eve of Christmas me and my girlfriend had been dating for over 6 years. We were meant to be High school sweat hearts. We loved each other talked on the phone every night before going to bed and never really got bored of each other. One day at work I got a text from her saying she wants to break up because she doesn't love me anymore. She told me sorry this is what I want. In shock I couldn't believe it I taught it was a prank she wouldn't pick up my calls or text. As I left work driving fast as hell to her house. I banged on her window crying asking to please talk to me she had the lights on and then quickly turned them off. At that point her step dad came out angry as hell screaming at me telling me he doesn't care what's going on between us if I don't leave his front porch he would call the cops and arrest me. Never cheated, never did anything bad, knew the family for 6 years even went on trips with them. Sad thing too I was going to purpose to her, since then close to being a month she hasn't gotten in contact with me and deleted me from all social media. Moral is I haven't gotten over it I probably won't I will always love her but only wishing that person the best and hoping they get what they are looking for is the only way to somehow over come something like this.



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