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February 10, 2017 @ (Ohio)

Tags: bad break up, funny break up??

After four months of dating on and off me and my boyfriend finally broke up. It turns out he was playing me and ended up falling for me... i forgave him.. we wanted to get back together again but there was too much hurt.. i really gave my all and it sucks because we had a good thing going. three years passed .. feelings were still there . we would see each other occasionally and tention would be there. I actually believed he was the one. Its sad that things didn't work out...



February 01, 2017 @ (Manchester )

Tags: Bad breakup

I had a boyfriend for 3 years and we lived together for that full 3 years, was together ever single day and night even tho we was 13 when we got together so when we split up I was heart broken and I still am... when we was together I never thought about us splitting up or what it would be like but I never thought it could feel this bad... straight away after splitting up he moved back in his mums house and was having party's every single weekend with all different people (girls



January 10, 2017 @ (Arkansas)

Tags: funny

Dated this guy for almost a year without really knowing him at all. He loved cargo shorts and Bruce Springsteen and mountain biking. I don't like any of those things. But I didn't realize how different we were until I told him I wanted to take it to the next level (literally 6 months into the relationship) and he basically rejected me. Then, about a week later, one of my best friends told me that he loved me, and I knew that he would treat me much better than my boyfriend at the time. Plus, I had always had a crush on that friend. I finally decided to break up with my boyfriend and get with my friend a couple weeks later.


The Poor Guy

December 27, 2016 @ (London)

Tags: rough breakup

Was dating a girl for more than 2 years. Did my best to keep her happy. Saved money to gift her on her birthday. A day before the breakup tells me her friend got a very expensive gift from her boyfriend on her bday. Next day fights with me and says that the gift I gave her was not expensive enough. Doesnt stop here, goes around bad mouthing me about how I treated her badly



December 24, 2016 @ (North Dakota )

Tags: Breakup

Me and my boyfriend were together for 2 years. I thought I loved him but honestly he is the reason love isn't real for me. This summer he just totally forgot about what we had, but since it didn't bother him I didn't let it bother me or so I acted. He flirted with girls, laughed, hugged, and kissed them as well. I really am now getting over it but he taught me that love isn't real so I can thank him for that. I also just wish this whole relationship never happened as well!


Anon Pls

December 18, 2016 @ (california)

Tags: bad break up, just ugh all sad

i mean i'm not entirely sure what we were. which is pretty sad but, i'll explain. so i met this guy at school a long time ago and we hardly talked at all, he was an upperclassmen anyway. :/ so towards the end of the year apparently he told me how he liked me for a while and he gave me his number which i was shocked because he doesn't even talk to me. I eventually let him into my walls which i'd built so protected and he was a sweet guy. He told me all about his past, and how he had a girl of two years dump him because of her snake friend. He was suicidal because of this and it took him a long time to recover, and how during that small time he would see me everyday he was amazed at how calm i looked and how i looked so mysterious because i never really talked to anyone. We talked everyday for a while there and one day i said how i loved him and he started crying tears of joy. I figured that he was a perfect guy and i wanted to be with him. We hung out over summer and one day when we were cuddling, we kissed and he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes. Shortly after I left, a friend of his (who was a girl) got really pissed at him getting a girlfriend and forced him to dump me immediately. He listened to her and it was just really sucky. We were still talking like usual. Then a month later he finds out that his ex of two years got a boyfriend right after they broke up and that they were as happy as could be. He was heartbroken that he didn't get to even know (she blocked him on everything) and he disappeared for a while. He eventually came back and he was different. He tried flirting with me on a whole new level and wanted to have sex with me. It was just rediculous and i did let him do some things but not even close to letting him put himself in me. That was a no no. He was pretty pissed that i didn't want that and he would only talk to me for sex really. I stood up for myself one day and said "if you want me then ask me out." and he never did, proving to me that he was just using me. We share a class now (yeah he kind of taught me a lot school wise and i moved up to be able to take higher level classes) and i see him watch me sometimes, but he acts like he's never met me before



December 14, 2016 @ (Somewhere)

Tags: Bad breakup

My boyfriend of 9 months broke up with me when he finally admitted that he in fact, did not have time for me or time for a relationship. He was the type of guy that put work and his hobbies/interests first. At first I thought it was no big deal, because I saw him on a weekly basis. However, a few month in, he converted back into his usual (very busy) routines that consisted of study, rehearsal, gym, sports training, dancing, family commitment, and work. And when I tried to confront him, telling him that I think he doesn't have enough time for our relationship. However, he denied it and made up excuses like "I was disorganised" or "its because I just came back from holiday" and "it will never happen again, and if it does we can talk about it then".
And it did happen again. Quite a few times actually. Towards the end, he felt that I was pressuring him into seeing me more often, and that he feels like he needs to skip other commitments to see me, and that because of the stress, he wasn't sure if he loved me anymore, and wanted to break up.
I am deeply saddened by this because I feel betrayed and lied to. He made me feel incredibly special... to this day I still have a hard time believing that he is not around anymore.



December 03, 2016 @ (Uk)

Tags: #brokenheart

My name is kyra, I was with my boyfriend for year we broke up about a month ago. He was obsessed with me, I thought he would never leave and it cut me like a knife when he walked out of my life. I can't eat, l can't sleep, I have no ambition what so ever! My heart is physically broken, I don't know if I'm going to survive this. I can't imagine life without him forever or him being with someone else, it makes me physically sick!!! Getting out of bed is a struggle everyone morning, the pain is unbearable; the big whole in my heart keeps getting bigger. My life feels like it's over, l feel like I will never be happy and content again! Nothing can ever fix this l just want to end it all. I can't be here anymore, l can't do this, l can't survive this. Someone please help me!!



November 27, 2016 @ (indiana)

Tags: #dontmesswithme

I'm 17 years old and me and my boyfriend shave been together for 4 years and i had a friend named Stephanie and we knew each other because we are on the same swimming team ,and she one day wanted o come with me and Luke to Panera bread and Luke said he was fine with it and while we were eating i said i needed to use the bathroom so on my way back from the bathroom i saw this lady coming towards me and she said aww, isn't that two cute i said that's my boyfriend ,that bitch!! so i pulled out my phone and i took picture of them , so when we dropped her of at home we were gonna go to Luke's house to watch a movie so i asked him do you love me, he said yes i would never cheat on you so fast forward 4 months i had a swim meet and he showed up and when i was changing into my uniform i caught them making out, i was like ,that slut she was like my best friend ,so after the swim meet he takes my out the gate and we sit on bench and puts his hand on my lap , and says i think we should see other people. i was like the fuck you mean, so then i was like ,you wanna see other people? and he was like your so cool with it , and then was like ya its all good and the next day i went to the wig shop and got my self a red ass Afro, and i went out and got the longest sharpest fake acrylic nails and i got my makeup done and put on this red ass lip stick and put these high ass heals on, went to his house, so when he opened the door and i said here is your new bitch, and he said what you mean, and i said that you said you wanted to see new people so you thought your ass was leaving , and the next day i went up to Stephanie and i punch that bitch so hard she flew into a pool and i was like so you were kissing all up on my man? and then she was like ya, what are you gonna do about it? And then i said wait till tonight and you'll see, so i went home and grabbed all Luke's stuff threw it in Stephanie's yard , grabbed some gasoline , lit that shit the fuck up, grabbed a rock, threw it at her window and a piece of paper and wrote here's all that bitches shit so the i got in the car ,took a picture , sent it to Luke and said i'm the badest bitch alive and don't you ever underestimate me.



November 26, 2016 @ (michigan)

Tags: #bitchthoughtwrong #tf #dontfuckwithmethewrongway

Hi everyone my name is Britney,
That bitch off a boyfriend had left me for a hoe she look like a pig and she dress like she rolled in a pill off dog shit didn't take a shower in 4 weeks and she lives in the trailer park i'm so disapointed in him he probably only wants her because she looks like a prostitute and i think she secretly works as stripper for money and, did i mention she try to were clothes that are like 5 sizes to small for her she try so hard and she don't even know how to put makeup on she was wearing neon green lipstick, yellow wig, and bright sparkling purple eyeshadow . so i saw that scank in fucking McDonalds and i fucking pushed that he so hard on the ground and her 3 bigmacs and 2 large fries on the ground and a apple pie. that shit went flying. That whale bitch so heavy son, and so i said are you the whore that slept with my man in my bed and she was like ya and so i went and picked up her apple fucking pie and and flung her weave from here to fucking Canada and crumbled the pie on the dry ass head. so then that week i went and learned how to shot a gun and acually got one too for a bitch who wanna fucking wit this bitch. but anyways i went to my ex's/my old apartment to get ll my stuff right? no, that whore was n my Tempur-pedic 1,000 dollar fucking bed . and that shit was so wet looking i said , bitch apparently you cum all the way fro Africa cause my bed is ruined. when i saw her ugly as i looked at her one more time and i said how you just gonna ruin my bad and she had the damn nerve to say that it was hers and you know what my ass fucking did was say get the fuck off my bad you have 3 seconds and she said no her ass not moving so my ass leaped across the room into that ed and i pulled put that gun that i was saving for that day she was begging me not to shot her she was on her knees and saying please don't shot me and i was like why shouldn't i, you took my man so instead of shooting her i took her to the park and made her like the entire sidewalk and then put a diaper on and sit in the middle of Walmart saying i'm a slut /hoe and i suck dick for living so i took her home and her ass was crying and so mad she started cussing at me so i slapped her so had i think that bitch flew to Africa. that bitch fucking thought she was gonna get away.


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