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April 18, 2012 @ (US)

Tags: female, emotional, slapped

I'm a bit embarrassed about this, but cut me a little slack, this happened 20+ years ago, and I was an emotional, young college girl at the time (an English Lit/Drama major no less). I had been romantically involved with this guy for about six months and it seemed to me that we just couldn’t take things to the next level and it would be in both of our interests to move on. So one day, I decided to have a heart to heart chat with him, going to great lengths to be sensitive to his feelings, and getting a little emotional in the process of saying it was time to end things. His response? Well, very casual, dry (he was an engineering major, go figure;) and hmmm, maybe even a little cheerful. He said with a smile, “yeah, you’re right, it’s probably the best thing.” Well, I was stunned by his lack of disappointment and asked if that was all he had to say. He again replied casually, “yeah, I think that’s about it.” I had invested the past six months of my life with this guy and he didnt seem to be the least bit upset that I was breaking up with him?! That was more than I could take. I stood up from the bench we were sitting on in the heart of the campus quad (imagine a diminutive Asian gal hovering over a large, strapping male), gently lifted his chin (by the look on his face, he may have been expecting a good bye kiss) and then SMACK — he got a hearty slap, right across the face. Of course I walked away in a huff, a complete, emotional wreck. Later on, I talked about it with a few of my sorority sisters and of course got hugged, consoled, etc. Then one of my sisters said something like “so wait a minute….you broke up with him and then slapped him?”. It then occurred to me how ridiculous the scenario was! Laughter ensued along with lots of good-natured teasing from my friends. The story doesn’t end there. A few days later, he sent me flowers and an apology card. I’m not sure if the poor guy even knew what he was apologizing for! ;-)



March 01, 2015 @ (Malaysia )

Tags: LDR's not my thing

My life was perfect until I met Srishti. I knew Srishti for quite some time, however I never liked her neither did I crave for her attention. My friends how we've teased me with her as she had proposed me(it was a dare given by her friend). At first it did not affect me at all as I had a wonderful girlfriend. One night as usual Srishti and I were chatting on Whatsapp. For some reason we began to talk about kisses and we decided that we would kiss each other. At first I thought of it as a prank and came up to her and asked for a kiss. However this prank did not remain a prank anymore and she really kissed me. I had goosebumps all over my body and I felt as if I was on cloud 9. After a while I felt awful as I already had a girlfriend and I basically cheated on her. Srishti and I began to meet up on regular basis and our kissing still continued. She also had a boyfriend at that time and we did not realize that what we did could give a spark to a beautiful relationship.

After a while I broke up with my girlfriend as I really wanted Srishti to be a part of my life. On 15th September 2014 I started dating Srishti. At first things were great. As time passed and since now I got to know her even better I realized she flirted a lot with boys. She gave her number to a guy she doesn't know personally and is a friend of our best friend. I had to step in so I started putting restrictions on her because I cared for her and loved her unconditionally.(im a very over possessive boy) I had never cried for a girl in my life before.Life got interesting with her because we always had common interests, we shared everything about each other, we never hid things, we just could wait to see each other. I mean her cute face, lovely smile,breath taking kiss..I felt special when I was with her. I never admitted this infront of her but I WAS INDEED THE LUCKIEST GUY TO HAVE HER AS MY GIRLFRIEND.She cared for me, she was there for me when I needed her. I just never showed the appreciation. All I ever did was scold her for her flaws. And now I realize that what I did was the most awful thing. Today her dad decided to send her to another university and me being insecure and not trusting her sadly had to break up with her. The moment we broke up I burst into tears. I still have watery eyes.



August 25, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: Jerk, valentines day

Ok so, I've liked this one guy for a while and one day, he asks me out. I'm so excited and he asked in the sweetest way. But I'm not here to talk about how he asked me, I'm here to tell you how he ended it 4 days later.... On valentines day! I walk into school all happy because I had a boyfriend and I loved him (remember I said I've been crushing on this guy for a while. A while being 4 years!) I see him in the hall and wave to him. One of his friends pulls me a side and says "He told me to tell you it was a dare..."
I cried in the middle of class and my best friend literally had to push me out of my chair so that way it looked like I hit my ankle falling or something (she's awesome) so she helps me to the nurse where I tell the nurse my story, when of all people in walks him. My friend gives him the dagger eyes. And I flip him off when the nurse turns her back. It felt good ^_^



November 29, 2009 @ (Wisconsin)

Tags: josh christina

So i just found this website today and want to share what i found on facebook. This is the conversation from the now exs: Girl: Is single... And cold... Boy: you wouldn't be single if Maybe if you didn't disrespect people and admitt when you were wrong you wouldn't be sleeping in your car in a cub foods park. Girl: Loves her new black eye from her now ex. Random Friend: If he did anything why in the world would you post it on facebook, are you nuts you kicked him as hard as you could in the leg, so he pushed you, seriously, Josh is not 100 % to blame here Girl: Yeah dont you get im trying. He holds my belongings hostage then cries for me to never leave. Im leaving Girl:ye so i swung at him for being such a prick and he punched me in the face so i threw a drop of water on him and he kicked me in the stomach. Random Girl: Christina has beat him several times and he did nothing because he DOES NOT hit woman but this was the last straw for him and all he did was push her cuz she hit him several times.....There is more but this is the best of it...i'm guessing its over


Trevor Mac

November 10, 2011 @ (Cali)

Tags: Just wait

Ooh just wait mines comeing I just know it :)



January 22, 2010 @ (California)

Tags: cali

It's been close to a week now since i've talked to him. We had a huge fight and now he won't pick up my called or even respond to a text. the fight was really over something quiet stupid. He wanted to go meet up with his ex girlfriend for lunch. He claims that they're still friends and talk every so often. I'm not really friends with any of my exs, so i guess its hard for me to get a grasp on this. I didn't make a huge deal about it, but i did do the while, im not going to talk until you ask me what is wrong 100 times. That whole situation never leads to anything good. I know he went to lunch, with her. So instead of it just probably being a lunch date. He prob did meet up with her again later on. Eh. Terrible way to break up. After reading other posts on here, whats the deal with people not even responding after a breakup. You at least owe it to the other person to tell them its over. Breakups suck.



March 08, 2012 @ (London)

Tags: David

So my worst breakup happened around a year ago. I was with a guy, David, who was really into religion and basically saw everything from a religious perspective. I am a Protestant but I don't take things to the extreme, unlike him.

2 years into the relationship I was bored and sick of him. Don't get me wrong, he's a good person, but his possessive nature would drive me up the wall. I could not stand him preaching about this and that.

Anyways so one day he started saying that I am cheating on him with many of the guys I know.. I mean seriously.... I really took offence at what he started saying about me. Then one day he started shouting and saying that I am cheating on him with his best guy mate. And I'm like no I'm not. I was debating leaving him (and had been for nearly under a year) when he spat at me. I broke up with him on the spot. I mean what sort of mutton spits at his girlfriend?

He cried and begged me not to leave him. He spent 5 months constantly stalking me and even threatened to kill himself. This was a very rough time for me but through the help of my friends and family I kept strong. I avoided all contact with him and blocked him from my phone. Things got so bad that we had to get a restraining order from the police.

I occasionally do see him and he gives me the shivers. Oh well :/



May 30, 2012 @ (Australia)

Tags: break up communication

It just happened one month ago actually
He was my first boyfriend, and my first break-up
It was extremely hard for me and to be honest, I'm still not fully over it
We started dating at the start of the year, so it didn't last very long
But I really did like him a lot
Things started off great! But as time went on, we started to lack in communication
I was also quite shy and less confident while we were in a relationship
This affected him a lot as he fell for the cheery, crazy and happy person that I usually was, but he never saw that in our relationship
He no longer felt comfortable around me and his feelings began to change
He told me that he couldn't see us working through this and I begged so hard to keep working on it and trying to fix it
He told me he would give me some time and a few days later, I went to his house to sort things out
But he told me that his feelings had reduced so much that there was no point trying
I didn't want to hear anything he had to say and kept feeding him stuff on how we'll become stronger after this, and how I can change and how I'll still had hope in us
The more I tried persisting, the more harsh he was on me
After a long time, I finally let go
He said that he still wanted me to be that little sister I once was, and hearing that made me happy because at least I'll still be able to have him in my life
I clearly remember how hard it was for me during the first few weeks after the break up
I felt so alone and couldn't help but cry. I had no motivation to do anything but sleep. I had constant dreams about him where he was still by my side, but waking up was horrible because he was no longer there
But after thinking about it thoroughly, I miss him, a lot, but more as a brother
I then realised that I couldn't be myself in the relationship because I was more comfortable being his friend than his girlfriend
My feelings for him have faded now, although there is a some part of me that still loves him
If I could be given a second chance, I would definitely take that chance and this time, I'm not going to be afraid to be who I really am in the relationship
I asked if we could talk, but he wasn't ready to talk until I got over what happened between us. After he said that I got a bit frustrated because I wouldn't ask to talk if I wasn't over it, but I respect his decision
Hopefully soon, we'll be able to mend things back to the way they used to be...



May 13, 2011 @ (San Diego )

Tags: 1

Well I am still in a space of hoping against hope we will not have to break up. I am on the edge, knowing that where we were heading was not working and he has put the brakes on. I want to make it all about him because I do not want to look within me to see that there were definitely things that were not working for me i.e. He still has a lot of anger towards his ex (thin line between love and hate) and he is very gun shy to move forward with me, hence he is probably not finished with his last gal, nothing truly available for me. We do not have tons in common, and he does not have his financial life together at ALL !!! He is pretty immature also. Yet there is this amazing connection we have. OH GOD I can see how I am hanging on to a thread hoping hoping hoping it can change. I know even if there is a chance for the future. What is now needs to be over. DAMNIT !!!! I do not want to freaking admit this. So for today I am going to release the relationship that was. Do a ritual to let him go release him from my energy. What will happen will happen



May 06, 2014 @ (LA)

Tags: Hurt breakup

I met her 5 years after my second break up, 10 years after my first break up. She was just a play girl who loves clubbing and enjoying herself but maybe at that time I was too tired of being alone. She expressed interest in me first but I was the one who said "Let's start a relationship". She couldnt believe me at first, neither do I but the more we see each other, the deeper the feeling gets. I try to fix her, offer her a proper job, support her family, taking care of her future. But she always ask me if I will marry her... I will but not now as we're just 25 years old and knowing each other for more than 12 months. Things get worse when I try to bring her life up and she tells me to stop controlling her life... and she ran away from me... She said she wants fresh air, only clubbing and party people could give her good time... Being with me only make she feel stucked and tired. I was very upset but only till she keep talking about how her last boyfriend treat her (and he dumped her for another girl)


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