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November 03, 2013 @ (Denver, CO)

Tags: douche, bad breakup, young love, love, like, sad, depression, boys, guys, girls, jerk, douchebag

Well, this guy and I started dating last summer. I've known him for such a long time (since elementary school maybe) and we were just like best friends. At first.. I thought it'd all turn out fine. There was still that shimmer of doubt but my heart blinded me to the point where I was convinced that we were unbreakable.

I remember when we used to pull all nighters on the phone and my dad would be SO mad because I didn't sleep at all that night and didn't want to get up in the morning.. The thing was, he had a girlfriend. He dumped her for me. Of course, I felt really guilty, but, I really liked him and the truth is, I was very flattered because I didn't think anyone would ever do that for me. He was literally my everything. I adored him in every way possible. He was so funny; he'd always make me laugh and I could have sworn we were made for each other. All my friends LOVED him, his personality is literally the best.. he's sensitive



October 14, 2013 @ (New Tork)

Tags: Bad breakup

So in short I started dating this guy in freshmen year and we were each others first everything. Relationship ,kiss I mean everything. We were together all threw high school and we were both going to the same college and were renting a cute little apartment together and I thought things were better than ever. Are sex life and relationship was more active than it's ever been. Then one day out of the blue I come home make a nice romantic meal and while we are eating he tells me it's over because my mean spirited boss flirts with me and being a woman him flirting and being my boss means I am defiantly cheats (I was not I never would). I was upset and went to my sister and come morning he is gone. So I am crushed but just keep going until I miss my period a few weeks later. I imminently called him (at this point he was in a band) and some girl answers talking about how she had him tied up and begging for it. Funny to me since he always made a big deal out of the fact that we had only slept with each other turns out 'mr sex is more than sex' was busy screwing a lot of people. I blocked his calls. A few months later his friend sees me in the store and tells him im pregnant and he shows up 'I made the biggest mistake of my life I love you blah blah blah' He left me for no good reason and at this point I heard about his MANY MANY hook ups (I mean people were telling me about how he is having 3 ways and screwing girls in bathrooms) I told him I didn't want some aids ridden band loser who would leave me for nothing and that he could have visitation. I just threw him out and can't stop crying.



October 01, 2013 @ (New York)

Tags: Bad breakups

After almost 9 years, a child and a house I thought we were set for a happy ever after.

We were planning more babies, looking to upgrade the house. But then one night he just never came home. He said he was alone, needed time alone to grieve the loss of his father. Said he wanted no one else. He quit his job and I supported him. I honestly thought he just wanted
Time alone. But once his inheritance cleared he stopped talking to me. And then the discovery of a love filled card from another women clarified the actual situation!!

He said she was great. A really good girl - aren't all mistresses great people!!! Hahaha. She was the one. Who knows how long they were seeing each other but that was that.

He moved in with her, took our son and introduced her and her kids as part of his new family.

All a bit quick? If only I knew he was cheating . . . If only he told
Me the truth instead of lying and lying. He was staying with me only until his inheritance was in his account. The other woman and him planned a new life together. He said he didn't tell me because he wasn't sure if they would work out! Hahahaha I was the back up plan!! Oh And he didn't want to hurt me! Brilliant.

Nothing as shocking, devastating and soul destroying like it. On the bright side, at least I'm no longer with a lying, cheating, unemployed, delusional moron!!



September 28, 2013 @ (Cali)

Tags: bad breakup, heartbroken, perplexed, sad, tears, crying

I dated my last boyfriend for a year and a half. We met in a waiting room where we waited for our kids a couple times a week. We had so much in common and hit it off immediately. We went on wkend adventures and had a blast. After only a few months he told me he was in love with me. He said he wanted to tell me earlier, but he was afraid to. I was so charmed by him. His ex wife was a bit crazy and they fought over their kid all the time. His ex was mad that I had dinner with him and the kid and yelled at him that they agreed to wait until dating someone 6 months before they spent time with the kid. (Which of course, she did not follow). So he then has us wait 8 months before I can spend time with him and the kid together. When he finally decides it's okay, we all spend LOTS of time together and he and I spend all our child free weekends together. He tells me I am "the one", "It's meant to be", that he has never been so happy, he is so in love, etc. He texts daily, writes me a poem, declares his love all the time. In person he is affectionate and kind. We discuss buying land together and aspects of our home we will have. We plan a vacation together with our kids. We go on the trip and everyone has a lot of fun. He gets in some arguments with his kid related to her mother, but otherwise everything was fine. When we get home he tells me thanks for the awesome vacation and a text that says "I love you so so so so much, now more than ever".
Fast forward one month after vacation. He breaks up with me in an email!!
He says that some things have occured to him and that he could not live with me and so what is the point and goodbye.
I am shocked and ask to meet with him. He says yes, but then never does. He won't answer his phone. His kid calls me one day to say how much she misses me and that she is afraid that I don't like her anymore because of her dad. I assure her that is not true, but I have no idea what her father told her because he will not talk to me. He texts me the next day and says that telling his daughter anything other than "it didn't work out" is inappropriate!! and to lose her number!! As if I called her!! ???
Two months after the breakup he sends me another email saying that he is sorry, but not asking for forgiveness. ?
Then he proceeds to tell me the 3 kinds of love in the world, one for your kids, one for your sister/mother and then the kind you can't breathe without the person....and that I fall into the sister/mother category for him. After all those months of love declarations and of course lots of sex, I fall into the mother/sister category??? WTF?
I have no tears left for this freak and have moved on. Thank goodness.



September 24, 2013 @ (Germany)

Tags: Bad breakup

Her and I were together for 5 months. It was great and all but eventually she became bossy and a snotty bitch. She would always point out y flaws, never let me have a say in anything, and she would yell at me... A lot!!! Honestly it turned to a point where I was losing it. It felt like we no longer had the same sense of humor, we would fight over the smallest things, and she was changing me to something I'm not. This girl got me into a lot of shit, she also got me in huge trouble at school (but that's another story). I did a lot for her and trust me when I say a lot.

On our last date she was being rude to me, through out the entire date she kept upsetting me. The fact that my feelings for her were deep I took every thing she said seriously. But towards the end everything bottled up and I exploded on her just dumped right there and then.

It hurt me to dump her and I never knew I had it in me to do it. Although there was bad times in our relationship there were also good. And knowing I wasn't going to be with her this summer it really sucked. That doesn't matter anymore. I must admit I miss her and I do think about her time to time. But I believe everything happens for a reason. That reason was for me to find someone better, and I did. This new relationship is so far better. It really is and throughout this new relationship we experienced more than what I experienced with my ex. I hope this new relationship will be longer than my previous ones. And to all you people in this site: please believe there will be someone for you. I promise it took me a while to realize that!!



September 24, 2013 @ (Austin, Texas)

Tags: bad breakup, best friend, stupid, kidding, whatevs,

He cheated on me with my bestfriend.



September 17, 2013 @ (London)

Tags: bad breakup

Went over to my girlfriends house early this morning to bring her coffee and flowers. As we were talking there was a knock on the door, she didn't want to answer it. I went and opened the door to a man with all wrinkled clothes. He seemed a bit weird, and then he said he left his phone. She had to breakup the fight that almost occurred between us. I've never had such a terrible break up story. I thought she could have ben the one too. I guess there are no good ones out there anymore. Maybe there are, but I can't find them.

Can you top this story?



June 18, 2013 @ (Tampa, FL)

Tags: bad breakup

so I found out the my now, EX, girlfriend was sleeping with a really good friend of mine. I guess he wasn't a friend like I thought. To top it off he was the drummer in my band. Not only am I single now, I'm also out of the band. Sucks.



April 27, 2010 @ (asia pacific)

Tags: bad breakup

This was 5 yrs ago, and now it doesn't hurt to talk about it so can write it down. Me and ex were together 8, nearly 9 years, married for 5, met at 19. Last few months we were together he was acting weird about his phone. There's this "guy" who seems to be always calling. So one day I took his phone, with his permission (told him I wanted to call up a friend), dialled the guy friend and found out it was a girl. Asked her what was up, she told me to give him up, else her heart would break, which I did, because she sounded like she was pregnant.

Packed my bags and left. And that was 5 years ago. I still see him from time to time when he comes by to pick up our son for the weekend. Found out later, they lasted only few months after our divorce came through.

Guys, remember you love your wife thats why you married her, so stay faithful...or you'll regret losing the one you love the most, so not worth it :))



November 24, 2009 @ (Ontario, Canada)

Tags: funny breakup, recent breakup, bad breakup

A couple of weeks ago I went in to write my Psychology midterm in one of the school's larger lecture halls. Everything started off fine: papers were handed out, I had all of my identification, I had actually put a couple of hours of studying into this test and I even brought my own pencil; what a glorious day. Sitting in the front row of this lecture hall I hear snickering starting from the back and then gradually making its way down towards me. Near the front of the class, I'm one of the last people to get the attendance sheet that everyone has to sign to prove they were actually there to write the test. At the top of the list I see my girlfriend's name and signature and, beside it, my name, with a simple message: "I can't do this anymore. It's over. Sorry." The best part? SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO TO THIS SCHOOL.


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