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Lost 2015

July 04, 2018 @ (Colorado )

Tags: True love

Hello here is my story... i was with a man for close to two years and his past came in between us fast. He was in trouble with the law. He ended up getting two year's. I was there for him until his mom started blaming me for him Going go prison. He was in prison well before me on and out.and after we meet i was there for him.when he GOT OUT and his mom said either her or me. He went with his mom. I cant Blaine him for that she is old and you only have one mom and she is all alone. Months past i found someone else and he did as well. But mom never like anyone he went out with. She is still blaming me for his trouble and she will never get past that. Now he is heading back to prison due to his drug activity.. i had nothing to do with that. But she still hates me.. out of the blue he contacted me and i fell in love all over again. After we split i found me myself in a very abusive relationship Now that im out and away from that want my boyfriend back i know he is the only man i loved and want. But he is going back to prison and his mom still dont like me. I know it will work between us i know he still loves me. But the break up was not easy and a lot of hateful things were said. But i think we can get past all that if his mom will stay out of it. I love that man more then life himself. I found my true love after all....



July 05, 2015 @ (Uk)

Tags: #sad #horrible #heartbroken

I met this girl after I have just been out from a heart break relationship that lasted 3 years. Everything seemed perfect, we were so inlove and we literally spoke, seen eachother every single night. We never skipped a day for full two years. She literally was my everything, and I believed I was hers. Two months ago she started acting really weird and going out a lot at night (to party she said). I believed her but I always knew deep inside there was something wrong. She started to get so distant that I couldn't even reach her on her phone. Her parents kicked her out she said because she had a huge argument with them. I was so supportive, I called her and talked for ages to give her advice and even suggested to talk with her parents to convince them to take her in again. Days after that I get surprised she blocked me from facebook and Instagram, I was in shock and thought it was something wrong with my device, so I logged in with my friend's account to see her updated her new relationship with another girl. And posted their picture together with hash tag #Lover her my girl forever. I was deeply hurt and so heart broken that I couldn't eat for weeks and everytime I remember her or picture her with her new gf together made me literally sick. I couldn't smile, couldn't eat or do anything for weeks. Later that week I got my university results and I failed after two years of studying which made me feel even worse. I asked her why she did this to me and why couldn't she just respect me enough to tell me the truth from the start. Turned out her parents didn't even kick her out and it was all a play. Her bestfriend sent me a cruel long text telling me to leave her alone and that she doesn't want me anymore and called me every name in the book. I was so heart broken that I couldn't even speak or cry. She then tried to contact me after I left wishing her luck saying she still loves me and that her new girl was just a rebound. I believed her because I was desprate and talker to her again. At the end of that week she tells me that she broke her phone and that she can't talk to me until next week, and of course I didn't believe her considering all the lies she previously told me. I checked up her facebook and she updated a status of her meeting up her rebound girlfriend and them going camping for a week. I now cut her off completely, I ignore her texts and calls. I now am more grown up and ready to move on for good.



November 11, 2014 @ (Miami, FL)

Tags: Funny breakup, bad, ridiculous

Well it comes to a very funny ending my friends... I was with this guy i really loved and still love at this moment for months then one day i felt like he was going to break up with me so before that even happened i asked him if he needed space but later i saw the 3 dots in the message and i told him if you're going to break up with me dont do it through text at least call me... 3 seconds later i get a call i was already belligerent and ecstatic... After telling me how such a great person i am and that he still loves me he says "hold up, mom can you pass me the ketchup" as the call end with me hanging up he broke up with me through the phone while eating dinner with his family. Pass me the ketchup always gets me till this day



June 12, 2014 @ (Georgia)

Tags: Bad Breakup, Heart Shattered

Ok so this all started last year in P.E and my best friend was dating this guy in our PE class and they dated for like a week or so. Then she broke up with him because he was a bad kisser and some other reasons too. after they broke up me and him became closer friends bc i always comfort my friends after they broke up. me and my best friend would talk about him and stuff and why it didnt work out but me and him would always talk about our day and things like that. lets just say his name is Justin. well the day after we got out of school me and Justin stayed up talking to each other and he seemed down so i asked him wts wrong and he said he wanted love and i said from who and he said from me and he told me he liked me. i was shocked bc i didnt like him like that. he said i always flirted with him but i didnt even notice i thought i was being a good friend. i told him i dont feel like that about u and he said ok. from then on we would wake up and text each other until dinner time and its was fun. then one day he asked me out and i said yes. then i realized i couldnt just go out with my best friends ex cuz thats not cool so the next morning i told him i couldnt do it. so then we were just friends again. then he tells me hes moving and he wants to see me and go to the movies. i said i would go but he ended up moving early. as the school year started again he was telling me about his new school and how all the girls were after him and it kinda made me jealous. then around homecoming time one of his friends asks me out and i said no and i told Justin and he seemed a little jealous about it but not that much. then Justin asked me out and i said yes. we date for a month and some days then he got mad that i didnt do something he wanted me to do so he broke up with me. instead of crying i laughed about. but when we talked again and he wanted to talk about it i started crying bc it hurt. and to this day he still loves me and will do anything for me but he broke my heart into pieces and i dont know if i could ever forgive that.



March 26, 2014 @ (new jersey)

Tags: bad break ups

Wow where to start on January 1st I was asked out by this boy.... he is in my school well I am a sophomore and him a senior.... every girls dream in high school.... well anyway he asked me out and it was so cute cuz he was like I like you and when I said I like him too he was like really. ... I tend to over think things and It was all thru Facebook.... so eventually during our 2hr long discussion at 2 in the morning he asked me to be his girlfriend I was ecstatic... I mean cmon a senior was asking ME out... well he came over that saturday he met my mom and my brother and my little cousin he was so sweet he played with them and him and I watched tv all day.... and then on the monday after that saturday he told me he loved me and he was falling in love... and I have to admit there was something about him that made me start to fall... well a week and a half later he broke up with me the reason was that he had a lot going on and he didnt want to loose me and that as soon as things were better for him we would get back together... being naive I believed him... well 4days or so later he got with a different girl which broke my heart but I was ok.... on February 19 he came to me upset and said that she cheated so he broke up with her and he wanted me back so I hugged him and he hugged me back and so I really wanted to be with him we got back together we were great for 2 weeks... again... then he turned around and broke up with me but this time there wasnt a reason so I was heart broken yet again but then I was bound and determined to find out why.... well I started paying closer attention to EVERYTHING and EVERYONE when one day I seen this girl walking with his sweatshirt on 3 DAYS LATER.... I went up to him that day since we had the same last period class together I was furious he was supposed to be only friends with this girl.... so he told me he didnt want to talk to me which hurt me worse I cried right there in front of him.... he wont look at me unless he thinks im not paying attention.... his smile makes my heart skip a beat..... and I am still in love but I dont know if he still loves me anymore....



June 11, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: long term relationship, breakup

Question... How do you get over someone who you dated for almost 10 years? It would've been 10 years this year and at the moment I'm really upset. The first mistake I made was dating at such a young age. I was 12 and he was 13 and although we dated right away after meeting, he was my best friend. We've been through so much but never cheated on each other. I honestly thought by next year we would marry. He was actually the first to mention marriage years ago so over the years I believed it would happen. Anyway our relationship changed a few months ago starting with issues at each others home to him being unhappy with certain choices he's made in his life. Now he's completely distant and mean. He treats me like I never existed and keeps saying he wants to get his life together for himself. I get it but he's my life and all i've known. I still love him very much although he says he doesn't know if he still loves me. Anyway I'm just sad and can't understand how things changed so suddenly and I miss him. We still talk but he just hurts me by the way he acts and the things he says.



March 23, 2012 @ (missouri)

Tags: man

hi im new to this i jus needed a place to tell my story...imma start off by saying...i jus turned 25 an i was in a 4 year relationship wit a man named jamall...the first 2 years with him was great .he proposed an life was cool until 2 months later after the engagement i caught him in a online affair wit a girl a state away i broke offf the engagment the next 2 years i had caught him up in many lies...until 2010 he started dj at a local club...i felt like i had to live up to his image..he was getting noticable an i felt as a dj girlfriend i should look da part an i did i bought fake ass the nicest clothes to meet his standards..well after a year doin that i became someone else i lost my idenity an started becoming someone i didnt his actions were getting worst ..until on day in may of 2011 changed my life forever..i meet a guy who was in da army ...he was everything my boyfriend wasnt by that point my boyfriend was doin his thing an he stopped showing me love an attention when this new guy came in my life to provide me all that i loved on our first date we had was the best sex i ever it jus happened ..we enjoyed it an the feeling we were feeling so we decided to see each other again an again sex sex an more sex...feelings were getting involved an we didnt care he was single i wasnt but it felt soo right he had to leave for germany 3 weeks into me cheating i had fell inlove with him had a man at hme..but i didnt care i was happy an myself with the army he left an i was faced with my bf back was the most miserable time ever...i continued to talk to the army guy for 6 months until he came hme again on leave in december 2011 ..we were inlove at that point an i was ready to leave my all i wanted was the army guy well...i had came across my bf had been sleeping wit a 19 yer old since november 2011 an i found out all this in february on my bday..i was floored ...he say he still loves me but he cant treat me right ...his actions are wht ran me off in the first place ...i really love the army guy an he loves me 2 we r sooo happy together ...i dnt kno if i should leave my 4 year relationship or leve my 10 month affair...please u guys help me but i love the army guy he is da one but my bf we only have time no kids no future plans no promises so ill take all the advice u can give



February 15, 2012 @ (philly, pa)

Tags: vday breakup

Its valentines night, and this site seems to be an awesome outlet, so here's my story.. Boyfriend of 8 mos and I had a mutual breakup on new years day. I instantly regretted it and wanted him back. I was depressed for 2 weeks while we tried to maintain a friendship. I then found out he felt the same way I had about the breakup, but I was slightly hesitant in getting back together because his actions just weren't matching his words.. For a whole month now he's been fucking around with my feelings telling me he wants to get back and still loves me but then forgetting to call or blowing me off. Its emotional torture hoping for something that continuously disappoints you. He finally ended that cycle last night telling me he can't give me what I need and that its over, BUT that he still hoped to get back together someday and grow old with me..this was a man I'd been best friends with for years, and who had at one time treated me like gold. I didn't hear from him today at all, and like a fool I waited to. I know its over and will never be, today was my last disappointment from him..happy freakin vday.



February 10, 2012 @ (buena park)

Tags: sadd

We were dating for almost 3 years, we used to be so in love (or so i thought) he had a bff that i disliked, they were always together. I always had a feeling he liked her sinse everytime they were together he wasn't that sweet, but yet i desided to ignore it. Months passed by everything was cool then he stoped being sweet, didnt say i love you back and me me feel unapreciated his excuse always was "remember you're my first gf I don't have relationship experiance" then one day she came back from who knows where and they desided to hang out (not alone but with a group of friends)i didnt know this. He would just ignore my txt messages and calls so i was worried and asked his friend and thats when he told me they were together. I desided I couldn't take this anymore and i told him i needed time and then he asked "you're breaking up with me?" i was really stupid and i changed my mind And i said no and i told him what was wrong but then he said that he needs a break and broke up with me I begged him not to leave me for 4 days and he desided to give us another chance.. Months later everything was perfect but then he broke up with me because a guy posted a perverted wallpost on my facebook wall (i didnt even see it before he broke up with me) insted of telling him to backoff or somthing he leaves me. I blocked the guy and tried explaining what happened to him but he didn't listen. we tried being friends but then i told him to give us one last chance he agreed to it but it felt like i was forcing him to be with me sense he told me he didn't think we were going to work out and he was never sweet even though I tried everything to make him love me. I gave up and told him it took me a long time to understand but now I know he doesn't want me and I broke up with him. Then one day I found this amazing guy that treats me like a princess but we were just friends. After about 3 months he tells me he still loves me blah blah blah and that he never stoped loving me and he was soo sweet but by this time I was already over him and I told him I liked someone else already but he insisted that he still loved me. I ended up getting with the guy and now hes mad at me for getting with another guy and doesnt want anything to do with me.
I wish him luck and Im glad I found someone who treats me right.



February 09, 2012 @ (Reality)

Tags: He cheated on me once, Gave him more than 3 chances

We broke up a week before our four monthsary. He said his parents found out about our relationship, and they weren't so happy about it. He said that his parents want him to focus in his studies first and i understand that. We still loved eachother.. till he found another girl the next day


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