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December 28, 2017 @ (Sydney)

Tags: bad breakup, broken heart, crying, tears

So there was this guy that my aunty had mentioned she wanted to set me up with and said he was a lovely, good looking boy, kind sweet and that we would be a great match. She had mentioned that we knew each other as kids but I was probably too young to remember. Beside the fact, I said no because it was a really weird idea and I didn't want to meet him that way. However, I did know that he had dated a girl at my school for quite a while but had broken up badly with her. My best friend was also really good friends with him, but never really talked about him much. Then a week passes by and me and my best friend are at a party which she told this guy to meet us at. Me and my friend got separated at the party and he tried getting in contact with her by she wasnt responding.But he somehow knew I was with her and messaged me on facebook, asking if we were still at the party, so I called him (keeping in mind i was almost drunk) and told him where we were. he came with his friends and picked us up and came back to my house around the corner. We were there for a long time, from like 10pm to 3am in the morning. He ended up inviting me to his 18th birthday that was in 2 weeks time and ended up kissing. The next day he has messaged me and asked me out on a date (or so i thought was a date.) We were talking for that week until the date, and had a blast but he didnt seem himself. Then he completely ghosted me and ignored my messages, so I gave up. He ended up messaging me saying that he liked me and didnt want a relationship at the moment, which i completely understood considering the fact that he was turning 18 and just starting to go out clubbing etc. Then i found out he was talking to a girl, not even a week later who he probably was messaging whilst talking to me which made my heart break into pieces because for days I thought i wasn't good enough, or pretty enough or that I was ugly and that it was all my fault. But in reality it was just him being an asshole. He then asked her out a month later, and we saw each other at a dinner, he had asked me if I was talking to any boys, and I told him that it was none of his business because I was just finally getting over him. He was being extremely flirty, and I keep right back in love with him. I asked him if he was talking to any girls and he said no, even though i knew he was. He broke my heart into pieces, and the worst thing is that I still like him, even though he did so many horrible things to me, even made me cry. He is the reason why I dont let boys into my life or heart so easily. Because he broke it and now the only thing that can repair it is time.



May 28, 2017 @ (Oslo)

Tags: Bad break up

I went on a date with a guy that I liked. He was handsome and very nice, to me. But as soon as I got to know the dark side of him, I started to dislike him more. He was nice to me and he was flirting with other girls. And he was a bad boy. I heard that he was selling drugs and other stuff to random people. And when I asked him about it, he said that he used to do stuff like that in the past. But he lied! He still does it. My brother found out that I was together with him and he got mad. Because he didn't like it and he thought I was too young to have a boyfriend! I broke up with the guy, and he got really upset about it. He didn't understand why. And he got very angry at me and I didn't like it. After some weeks I got over him, but he said that he was never going to get over me. And I'm like " yeah, well I am all over you so I don't give a fuck" We are friends now, but in the past few weeks I have been falling for his best friend! And that is not good! I like him a lot! He is a really good guy, better than my ex. And he likes me too. But we can't be together, because my ex would be so jealous and angry! Because his ex girlfriend is together with his best friend?! That's not cool... So I don't know what to do



December 08, 2016 @ (Virginia )

Tags: Bad breakup heartache 💔💔💔💔

We were together for 3 years and it just went down in flames. Since we are southern down here we went catfishing all summer. The first time I got to see him this summer was when we went fishing and he act like he never loved me. All he done was ignore me all night then finally I walk up to him and I ask what his problem is and he tells me I'm too young for him. We were 4 years apart. I watched him flirt with other girls every night literally. He just laughed at me and so one night I punched him in the jaw and it felt really good. Then I thought I was done seeing him for good but he showed up at the lake and he just stared all night. I cried so much this summer. The sad thing is, is that he was the one person I depended on to make me laugh but this summer he was the one who made me cry my eyes out. He is the reason I do not believe in love. I still see him often in fact today he came to my house and it got awkward. I miss him but he is such a coward and a jerk. He taught me some lessons I will never forget and taught me to not let my expectations cause my heartaches because that is exactly what happened here. I depended on someone who I thought could make it better but he was just like he others. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭



September 21, 2016 @ (Saipan)

Tags: Religion, Too Young

It was the most perfect relationship. Met in 5th grade and had a crush on each other. Saw each other in high school and ended up going out since freshmen year of 2011. Shared our first kiss together under the rain... all first experiences together. He went to the airforce after high school while I continued college and did long distance for one year. He cheated the first year but 3 months the following summer with him couldn't compare to the 4 years we've been together, that completely changed him to a better person. You know when they say that cheaters don't change? He did and he became a better person. We've never loved each other so much and the sparks between us were on fire during those 3 months. We knew what we wanted and we were ready for marriage in the future.

However, right after that summer, I began to withdraw from the religion, Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ), which meant more than anything to him. He invited me to his church and I believed in the teachings until later this year when I realized that this wasn't for me. We overcame so many problems but this one was overboard and we just couldn't handle it. We handled two years of long distance, cheating, fighting, and growing in our differences but religion was something he valued a lot. We were also young and needed to explore. The breakup was the hardest between us and everyone in our home knew about us. We were voted as, "Cutest couple" in our class and everyone rooted for us. But really.. sometimes love is not enough.

However, through it all. Through all the good and hard times, we still respect and love each other so much but this time of our lives, this could be the biggest mistake we ever made or the best decision... only time will tell.



December 31, 2015 @ (Germany )

Tags: bad

I have just woke up now, having dreams about one of my ex's who apparently was so perfect that i wish her back since three years and everyday, i had known her for four years that time, we struggled a lot, had to fall apart, war stuff and bad community, the traditions where we lived, didn't allow us to keep meeting without being engaged at least, and even though I was too young for that, i could give away my life for her, so we did, i was 20 and obviously i had not been preparing for my future as having a family myself, no job, still getting money from my parents, and after a short while, her parents started pressing on her to press on me to work on my future, the really soon future, and she was just too prefect to do that but I could always know that she is being pressed and she has a lot to say but she doesn't to not make me feel bad, but I could always feel that, and I had a strong depression these days, I started drinking heavily, I lost hope about everything, I lost hope on myself, I said I won't ever make it, and her family couldn't appreciate my situation, So I left her without saying goodbye, I just didn't turn up again, she contacted me for months and months after that, I always wanted to talk to her, I have been missing her for years now, but I was weak enough to pick up her calls it messages, and now after years of that, everything changed in my life, every single part of me change, I have a great future now, having a great life ... But I swear a god, everything became tasteless for me, I can't enjoy anything anymore, I lost my interests about almost everything, life isn't interesting anymore.



April 21, 2015 @ (toronto)

Tags: bad breakup

I met him at 18 while travelling abroad. He was a childhood friend that my mother insisted i visit even if its for a few days. Our fathers were best friends and as children they had always joked that we both would end up together. I was 18 he was 19. The day he came to pick up me up at the airport was a day i will never forget. Even though i had never met him i remember running into his arms as if i had known him my whole life. As if my soul knew him long before i had even known him. I ended up only spending two days in his home country as i was back packing through Europe and had not thought much of staying there for longer. Another reason was that i was travelling with my best friend and she wants interested in last minute change of plans. I never imagined i would feel this way about him. After spending two wonderful days with him i promised i would end my trip back in his country and fly back from there. However that never happened. I had a family emergency back home and had to fly back mid way through my trip. However once i got back i could not stop thinking about him. And let me tell you at that point i had a great boyfriend and once i came back from my trip i no longer felt anything for him. So i broke it off. What i didn't realize at that moment was that he never wanted what i wanted. I wanted him and he didn't think we would work because i was so different from him. Two years later he got married to a girl and he kept in touch through out the years. He would message me happy birthday or miss you come visit. I never replied. I blocked his memory out of my life because after all what do you know when you're 18? You think you're in love and you have met your soul mate but everyone tells you you're too young to know. So i blocked him and every single memory of him. Forward it to 8 years later. I am 26 living alone, have a great boyfriend whom i see a future with, a great job. I get a call early morning 3 am my time. Its him. He says he's going through a divorce and wonders if it would be okay for him to visit. I think nothing of it. I don't even remember that i once had feelings for him. I just think sure come why not i can show you around. I don't over think it, i tell my boyfriend and he's okay with it as he will be out of town anyways and thinks its a great idea for him to come. After all he says he's going through a divorce why not be there for him. I should have known i would regret this i should have known nothing ever good comes out of him but i didn't.



November 12, 2013 @ (Uew York)

Tags: Breakup, too young, sad

Lost Love
I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago. We were together for 1 year. I only have myself to blame. I knew our relationship wouldn’t work when we first started dating. We lived so far away from each other and we were so immature. It was too serious and we were too young. If I only knew then what I know now.

We would try to see each other every other week. For one year we did this. The bus trip took about six hours. At the time it didn’t matter because I got to see him at the end of the trip. When I finally saw him after those six long hours, I wouldn’t feel a thing. Our relationship was an illusion. We looked so cute in front of people but when we were alone we would always fight. The first six months was fine, but the other half was hell. We fought each night, even when we were not together. He would yell at me over the phone and I would yell back. When I said I didn’t want to do this anymore, he would push me on the bed and just lay on top of me hugging me and I would forget everything. I know he didn’t want me to go but we couldn’t keep on living like this. Things were bad…really bad and something had to change.

One night we finally ended it all.

Oh God, the agony. The pain is unbelievable. It’s rushing through my body, my veins, my soul. The memories take me back to that place. The night where it all went wrong. I said we couldn’t do this anymore. You said you didn’t want to break up. We had to end it; we couldn’t keep on going like this. We shouted, we cried, we loved, one last time. It all played out so well. My hands in your hair, your name on my lips and your hands on my hips. The warmth of each other kept the room warm. It was love in the atmosphere. We looked at each other; and just like that, it all went away. The love we sheared, fading. The feelings we had, forgotten. The warmth in the room, gone.

The morning after.
I walked you to the stairs. You stood there confusing. I stood right beside you holding your hand. The stairs were hard to walk. I felt like a rock every time I took a step. We stopped at the front door. You looked in to my eyes as you had your hand on the door handle. Your eyes were blank and full of tears just waiting to run down your face. We kissed one last time. I cried as you took your bag and walked out the door. I watched you walk away; you stopped and looked back. I remember those other times you’ve left, you would run back straight away, but this time you didn’t. You just kept on walking. And just like that you were gone.

As I watched you drive away, I felt a raindrop on my skin. It ran down my face; just like the tears in my eyes. The begging of a journey for some people, but an ending of a journey for us.

Now it’s finally over. I regret nothing.



October 19, 2012 @ (California )

Tags: Breakup long term relationship

I was in a relationship since September of 2009 and it just ended recently, not to long ago, in May 2012.
I was confused, lost, in denial, anger. And I still am, it's been really hard.
I really thought he was the one, well I still do.
Me and him did everything together, I saw him everyday until late night and he would spend the night on the weekends quite often.
We went out a lot to the movies, the beach, Disneyland, and new places every weekend. He took me out to dinner almost every weekend, he did anything to make me happy.
We always spoke about the future, college, getting married, having kids, growing old together.
I just don't know what went wrong. One day, he suddenly wanted to break up because he is 'not ready to commit' and wasn't aware of the seriousness of our relationship - after 2 years, he finally decides he was too young to be in such a serious relationship.
And the worst of all, he never ever said anything about being unhappy with me until the day he broke up with me. He was hiding all his feelings from me, while I was being honest with him all along.
I just don't understand. To me, our love felt real. Like really real. I honestly feel like he is the one, still today after 5 months of being broken up. I still love him, I will always love him. He never did anything bad to me. He treated me like a princess, he was my best friend. We had so many good laughs and memories together. We were practically married. We were so comfortable with each other. Every one of our friends thought we were going to actually get married and when they heard that we broke up - they thought that I was the one who did it, but incidentally it was the other way around.
Every one thought he would never leave me, that he was so in love with me. And I thought so too, and I felt secure with him because I thought he was one of those rare guys who actually stays committed in a relationship. But I guess I was wrong.
It's just so hard, I'm trying to let go. But I think about him everyday, he was the only happiness in my life. Now I'm trying to find my own happiness, and I have managed. But nothing makes me as happy as he did. I loved him more than anything, more than my family. I know it was wrong of me, but it was true. He was my first priority and I was his. I never treated him badly, I never cheated on him, or anything. I loved him with my whole heart and soul and this is what I get in return? A broken heart.
I just wonder if he ever thinks about me. I wonder if he misses me.
Oh and we don't speak. Well atleast, he doesn't talk to me. From what I have heard is that he hates me because he realized that he missed out on life because of me ('life' referring to parties and drinking and what not). So he hates me because he didn't get to experience life the way he wanted to. Which is stupid because he knew what kind of relationship he was getting into since day 1. It took him two years to realize that he was missing out on life? We weren't missing out on life, I mean we didn't party like the way he does. Instead, we went on dates to new places every weekend. We had movie nights, dinner dates, etc etc. I mean we weren't a boring couple, we were always doing something. But I guess he just want to party and get smashed or something. Well that's what he's doing now from what I've been hearing.
I hope one day he realizes that he messed up, I hope one day he realiZes how wonderful our relationship was. I hope one day we can be friends again. I just miss him so much, and I know it's not good. I feel like I'm missing a part of me. And I know time heals all wounds, it has definitely been a bumpy ride in the last 5 months, some good and some bad times but I try to stay optimistic about the future.
Any advice?



April 11, 2011 @ (Texas)

Tags: Young

I'm pretty young. I'm not going to tell you my age, just my story.

So I was in school right-WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE DATING. I was a average girl. I'm not popular, more like anti-social. I wasn't really looking at guys yet but then about around December I found a note in my locker. This semi-popular guy was actually asking me out. I was about to say no when my friends told me that I should at least try to be a little social so I went out with him. He was nice at first, a little loud and controlling but nice. By the end of our first month dating I grew to like him. We hung out and then my grades dropped a little, not much but I went from a average of 96-100 to about an average of 89-95 not much but my parents certainly noticed. I continued to hang out with him. One day I think it was around mid-April when we were out at the mall when he told me to hold on to this box or something - he wanted me to shoplift. I never took it whatever it was and quickly left the shop. He followed me. We didn't talk. The next day he told me that I was too "stiff", "cheery" ---- (Who the hell says cheery?)----

We broke up sort of if you could even call it that.
-we kissed-we hung out-we broke up

And get this! Around June I found out he was using me. Turns out his friends dared him to ask me out sayin that i would never say yes. I shouldn't have. I cried and it hurt, it still does.

After a couple of months though I realize that I was never really in love I just really really really really really liked him.



October 28, 2010 @ (new york)

Tags: example1

6 yrs ago I started dating one of my best guy friends itswas the best of both worlds for me and him we fell in true love for each other there was so much passion in our relationship very steamy!! We datedfor about three years we were young I was eighteen in a very serious relationship I was ready to make him it my world... we had our fights n ill admitt I used to take them to anotheer level I just never felt that much for someone!! I know he would say it to...he left me for another girl....who had nothing on me she literally looked like a hooker but anyway left me n told me I'm the girl he wants to marry and well meet back up but were too young too serious.. I was heartbroken I didn't kno what to do but to fight to save our love and it didn't work it pushed him further... now that was four years ago and I still think of him everyday I miss him sooo much I can't even put it in words...a yr after we broke up I meet someone moved in had a baby who is almost two!! But I can't get him outa my mind/heart I still see him here and there and when were in the room together we vibe and it feels like it used to before we dated. But when people are around he's shy he only looks at me for two seconds to say hi and bye what do u people think I kno he still loves me I can tell but does it look like ill be with the love of my life again??


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