September 02, 2023 @ (Kanpur)

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My spiritual Muslim girlfriend (22f) and my(22m) story

We fell in love with each other in college, after COVID lockdown. When the online classes started, she used to message me for notes and all , as I was good in maths and physics , and we didn't have feelings for each other for a long time . Maybe she had some feelings , so , after 2-3 months when the lockdown was over , we met in college and started to enjoy our college , used to talk about professors and other students. But , one thing I didn't like about her that she always used to wear a hijab in college.

And one day , i asked her about the hijab thing , and she gave me a reason , that was some old school shit , she said suppose u have two toffees, and one wrapped properly and other one is without any wrapper and both toffees fall down on the floor , now u will have which toffee?, I got amazed that how Islam brainwashes such innocent minds , that a girl is objectifying herself as a toffee for a man . There is no space for equality in their culture. So , until now , she was stern on her culture and hijab , but one day , she came to college without hijab and came towards me and asked me "are u happy now?" , I said yeah I am . Slowly , slowly i started developing feelings for her because she used to message daily , whenever I used to be Ill, she used to send me get well soon messages , sent me notes, talked to me daily , i guessed by her behaviour that the thing cooking between us is not normal friendly behaviour .

One day , she asked me " which type of girl do you like ?" , I said that I have not thought about anything yet , and she said okay cool. And all this used to happen , and i also started to like her because I was also new to female attention since I was in boys school. One day she proposed me and I accepted it , both of us came into a relationship. Now , we used to talk but one thing I didn't know was her condition at her home , she was treated very badly in her home by her parents and her brother . Her brother was having a relationship with a Hindu girl ( popularly called love jihad in bjp language ) and that fellow used to check her sister's mobile that is my girlfriend, I mean how he's having the right to check her mobile . And, he used to beat her when she resisted to submit her mobile to him and her parents refused to help her in this time , sometimes we used to be in no contact for 10 -11 days and then she tells me that her brother confiscated her phone .

I felt really bad for her , though her parents loved her and she had the latest iPhone but she had very little freedom in her home, her mother used to forbid her to watch television during Muharram and Ramadan . And she used to follow it without being a rebel, I did not like her being suppressed . I tried to open her eyes by telling her about the dark side of Islam and how their prophet consummated marriage with a 9 year old but she was manipulated by her religion that she refused to listen . We were in a relationship for 7 months , but we could meet in college only , our first kiss also happened in college .

We had plans to meet at some other place but her family didn't allow her to go out , in simple terms she was imprisoned . Personally , i didn't know about Islam a lot before this , but during my relationship, I learnt a lot about Islam and how their extreme patriarchal culture tortures women and how the women worship a pedophile like Muhammad . One day , i decided to talk to her and we decided to mutually breakup, because it was not possible for me to break her clutches and free her from her disgusting world.I was in love with her madly , it's been 2 years , I remember her today also , she was the first girl whom I touched and kissed and she was very kind to me.

Tldr: it's a story about my girlfriend (22 f) and me (22m) and how we fell in love and then broke up amicably . If you have some time, then do read it.



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