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December 23, 2015 @ (California)

Tags: Bad Breakup

We had the best relationship for about a year. Everyone we knew was jealous of how happy we were. Then one night he was really drunk and mistook that I was cheating on him, which i did not. Since then, everything went downhill. He ignored me one night and took home another girl. So being single, I got with someone also. He came back to me saying he realized how wrong he was and I took him back. Not long after, he took home another girl in front of my face. Again he came back apologizing that he loved me and could never be happy with someone else again. Again I was stupid and took him back. And then again, I found out he brought home another girl ... for the 3rd time all together. Ive never felt so stupid in my life for believing everything he had said.



December 13, 2015 @ (Tennessee )

Tags: Bad breakup

He was in my advanced English class. I didn't even think about him at first. But then we started talking. He told me he loved me first and I said I love you too. 7 months later he decides I'm too complicated and sad all the time and that he doesn't know how to deal with me. I still think about him everyday. I love him, and I hope he's happy.



December 04, 2015 @ (Indiana )

Tags: Bad Breakup Sad Breakup

When i was 13 i got in to a serious relationship... (Haha serious at 13) but he was my first love. Anything i could ever want, but after a year and 8 month it got dull and he started to pressure me for sex. I eventually ended it. Soon after i had a rebound and i went into a spiral of depression. Throughout dating my rebound i cheated on him with my first love repeatedly. I can to the epiphany that i was still in love with him. Its been years and I still am close with his family, and I'm still in love with him, so much so that the inside joke in my family is "He could say jump, you would ask how high?"



November 27, 2015 @ (U.S.)

Tags: bad breakups

Okay. Started hooking up with a girl i worked with (mistake #1). We had great physical chemistry



November 24, 2015 @ (Plainfield, IL)

Tags: Bad breakup funny sad

So I met this girl, let's called her Allison. I hated Allison at first, I though she was annoying. I dated her best friend, her best friends dumped me, I became depressed. Allison was the only person who helped, I fell in love.

A few months later we started dating, we dated for six months before we split a few weeks ago... She I was irritating and much better as a friend... I feel like she just stayed with me to get rid of my depression



November 06, 2015 @ (austin tx)

Tags: strength in weakness

So, I have had my fair share of bad breakups, bad relationships and just bad times... when i met him, i just fell head of heals. one he was so good looking, i thought i was the luckiest girl in the world being able to call him mine.. he had the most amazing heart, so pure and always trying to be closer to God... I admired him so much for his humble personality and strive to be a better man... i loved him and he fell in love with me... but after time, we realized we both wanted different things, he didn't want to travel, he wanted to stay in the same small town, he didn't care for finishing college as i wanted to eventually get my doctorates... he said he felt like we just weren't compatable.. and it broke my heart but when it happened... i remembered my breakup before him and how i would lean on drinking and clubbing to find comfort only to lead myself into an even more painful path... this time, i decided to read the bible, to pray more.. and i am still trying to do so... things happen in our life, that makes us want to crawl into bed and never get up... but we have to be strong, and that strength doesn't come from drinking, or partying or hooking up with other people... it comes from the one who know us better than anyone else, the one who died so that we can have a chance... i dont know if you believe in God of not... or if you are struggling with faith, or if you just don't know about God, but when something happens in your life that brings you down... God could be using it as an opportunity to draw him closer to you... cause it's at our weakest that his strength shines the brightest... losing my boyfriend sucked, it broke my heart and i had to deal with a lot of self esteem issues... but i'm trying every day to be happy... to see the bigger picture... to be able to say i may not be fine right now, but God has a plan for me...
i just encourage anyone with a broken heart to pray, it is so powerful and can really make a difference... it is for me at least



October 29, 2015 @ (Australia)

Tags: Bad Breakup, Funny Breakup

After recovering from a rough two years of isolating heart ache, I finally felt happy within myself. I reunited with my old high school crush, who's company needless to say was pure enlightenment and began to build a strong, trusting relationship. we spent weeks at a time going back and forth between each others homes until my father had become ill and required my share of over night care and regular visits. so my girlfriend would make use of the spare time by going out with her friends reviving her old night life. i was endorsing her late night adventures and encouraged her to have fun while i was away; as i had complete trust in her loyalty.

As it was necessary for me to be away for some odd days of the week, it was common for my friend to regularly turn up unannounced at my home, this time to her welcoming hospitality. This i thought was positive company as he had previously supported me through my years of isolation which ended some few months before.

I became excited to have my relationship compatible with my friendship as i hadn't as much spare time for my friend as i had done during my great depression. though it dawned on me that my girlfriend had developed a noticeable distance that had become to evolve either from the nights out with the girls or to the least of my suspicion my closest childhood friend.

Until one morning on my way home from my fathers house i had thought to stop in to my friend's home with the intention of beginning one of my few days of rest, out with this friend.

Only to find my girlfriend under his sheets, sitting upright by her elbow staring daringly into my eyes as if to spell out the inappropriate deed i had committed by walking into the house unannounced.

Two days later i had met a stranger in the street in attempt to salvage my newly found personal strength. leading me to a small friendly gathering, a gathering of which was attended by my original break up accomplice looking ever so happy hand in hand with her new found lover.

..Aint ..Love ..Grand



September 29, 2015 @ (Seattle)

Tags: Bad Breakup

I met a guy online and we had a wonderful year together, until he got laid off from his job. He ended up taking year-long military orders in the Army Reserves in another state. Before he left, he told me that after his year was up, he was not going to come back but move to another city where his son lived. I had lived and worked in this other city for years, and so he convinced me to relocate with him there after a year. I got a job back there (across the country, I might add), almost immediately and moved out there to wait for him to finish up his orders and arrive. Well, his one year orders turned into two, and at the end of two, he still had no job and no prospects in the city I had moved to for him. He kept saying he was going to have to move into his parent's basement if he didn't find permanent employment soon. I wrote him this long romantic letter inviting him to come and live with me instead while he got on his feet, and then we could stay there or both find jobs elsewhere, but that we were stronger together. He responded by dumping me via email two days later, saying that he didn't want to move in with me, and didn't want me to move to where he was. This after three years of planning our future together down to the last detail. To console myself I checked into the Four Seasons and got wasted. He called me 72 hours later, all manic and excited, and told me that he thought things would work out if I just moved back across the country, to the city I had uprooted my life from and left my family and friends in, while he did another year or two in the same place he was. I'm moving back home to the city that I left, but not for him.



August 21, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: Bad breakup#broken#betrayed#used

I met this guy during my college's 2nd year.He was friend of my senior so he was not from my college.He saw me in my friend's b'day party



July 04, 2015 @ (indonesia)

Tags: bad breakup

my boyfriend broke up with me 2 days ago, 11 days before my birthday. we had a 10 months of long distance relationship and had not seen each other for 5 months. he planned to come visit me on my birthday but now it's very unlikely. truthfully speaking, i was in an emotionally abusive relationship where my boyfriend would yell at me all the time, i thought that i should be more patient dealing with him because he is actually a really nice person and he is just having a lot of work stress. his priorities had been clear since day 1, his work is his number 1. i love him very much and i tried hard to work on our issues but he just didnt care much about me or our relationship. after the break up i asked him why he fight for his work like no end but he easily gave up on someone he loves? he simply said because i disturbed his work. he blamed me for the breakup, saying i should have been more patient, just 2 more weeks and we can be together etc etc. and when i told him i tried hard he said it was because i tried too hard he became uncomfortable. i just dont understand his way of thinking and while i am very sad and devastated right now, i am glad i got out of the relationship. i guess i just got myself an early birthday present from him, a break up over the phone 11 days before my birthday :')


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