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August 09, 2010 @ (Edinburg)

Tags: archie1

My girlfriend broke up with me because i was a total jerk to her, 2 months went by she would text me here and there and eventually got back together. Things were going great just last night she got mad at me becuase of an arguement we had together we sat down and talked about it she told me that things weren't going to be the same anymore and my feelings for me either. She told me she didn't want a boyfriend right now and wasn't planning in looking for one right now due to family,work,school issues. She told me that she didn't love me anymore and this realationship wouldn't be the same.i cried for a bit but not as much as i did before. I told her thanks for being a big influence in my life i told her she would always be in my thoughts and that i will never forget her. Now i hope we did right thing because she would tell me i was the best boyfriend so far, until i screw it over..hopefully she realizes despite the fights we had that i was there for her all the time and loved her for who she was...



August 05, 2010 @ (Las Vegas)

Tags: cheat heartbreak

So, I had an extremely huge crush on a girl in my class for almost a year. She was way out of my league, so I spent most of my time daydreaming. One night, she told me she liked me, for a long time. I was shocked, yet happy. We hung out, then I proceeded to ask her out. She said, "Of Course!". About 1 month and a half into the relationship, on her birthday, I came over to her house to surprise her with gifts and balloons. She loved it. That night, I went to a concert with my bestfriend. I lost my phone while there and asked him if I could borrow his to make a call. I used my friend's phone to call my girlfriend to tell her what happened. Just after, I stumbled upon text messages on my friend's phone from my girlfriend. The messages were too friendly. I died inside. After a week of confusion, I had to break up with her, and I had to stop being friend's with my best friend...of 11 years. My ex kept denying everything, that "She was just trying to be friendly" I didn't listen. A few days later, I found out that she never told anyone that we were going out. She kept the relationship a big secret. She told her friends that I never asked her out. She flirted with numerous guys while I thought we were going out. She was even secretly dating another guy behind my back too. The same thing happened to him too. I was the victim of a game she liked to play. She lied to me, cheated, and made me lose my best friend. She took my heart out, branded it, and gave it back to me.



August 04, 2010 @ (USA)

Tags: pregnancy, birthday

Today is my 16th birthday. I'm five months pregnant; my boyfriend (well, ex now) and I had been going out for nearly a year. I loved him very much. We did everything together, even well into the pregnancy. He said we'd always be together, etc. He went out of town and I didn't see him for two weeks, during which time he didn't contact me at all. When he got back, he was frustrating and distant. But yesterday, he came over and said he wanted to take a step back because he was overwhelmed with how I've become a different person (of course I have; I'm pregnant and the stress he's putting on me is only making it worse). We compromised by agreeing to still hang out once or twice a week, not see anybody else, and let our relationship rebuild itself naturally. But he agreed to take me out to dinner and a movie today, since it's my birthday. It would be kind of like a first date all over again. And I was OK with that. I waited all day for him. When he was hours late, I finally texted him. Over a text message, he told me he was busy with some other girl and that we shouldn't see each other anymore. The baby will be born in a few months, at which point she'll go to live with adoptive parents. And I thought THAT on its own would be painful enough....



August 03, 2010 @ (FL)

Tags: break up

So I've been with this guy for about a year and a half. We met over the internet and it was a long distance relationship, but we met up many times & every time was amazing. Our entire relationship was great (aside from the distance of course) We never fought, we talked all day every day, he was like my best friend. I'd never been so happy with someone. The only issue in our relationship was his ex-wife. She was very manipulative of him, using him for money and constantly trying to break us up. Well last week, out of no where he sends me a text saying that she had stayed the night with him b/c her electricity had been cut off. Of course I was not happy about it and was pretty upset, but he assured me that nothing happened and that he was going to take her that day to get her electricity back on and take her home. I asked him to call me as soon as he got her out of there and took care of everything. That was the last time I spoke to him (exactly a week ago) He didn't answer any of my texts or when I called later that day. And 2 days later, he had his phone disconnected...He sent me an email after that basically saying "I'm deleting your from everything. Please respect me and never contact me again" (ha yeah, respect him when he's so obviously not respected me) I really can't believe all of this is happening. We went from everything being perfect to total strangers in one day. It's obvious to me that he must be back with her or else I don't see why he'd just cut off all contact with me. It really hurts b/c I just don't understand how someone can be so close to you, and say they love you and want to spend their life with, but then turn their back on you. I feel like I've been thrown away. :(



August 03, 2010 @ (Atlanta, GA)

Tags: Parent Interference

Sometimes when you try too hard, you end up destroying everything.

Early last month, I had traveled to Germany to visit my girlfriend that had just completed a semester studying abroad in China. Her family has a home in Germany, and I was invited to fly over and have my long-awaited reunion with her. While my heart was joyful to have her in my arms again, I was about to face unprecedented circumstances ultimately leading to our relationship's demise.

For the first four days in Germany, the food was completely not agreeing with my stomach, causing much discomfort. Instead of complaining about her mother's cooking, I tried my best to eat what I could and be respectful. If the ordeal ended there, it would have been no big deal. Then Sunday's emergency hit.

Her family and I traveled by bike to a neighboring village to watch a parade. Unknowingly, I experienced the most emasculating injury possible while in route. Thirty minutes into the parade, I started to experience pain in my "manhood area." After excusing myself from the group, I went into a local bar, ordered a drink and went to the bathroom to find an unprecedented swelling of one of my testicles. (Thank God for anonymity, because naturally this is a truly embarrassing moment.) After this discovery, I exited the bathroom, quickly consumed my drink and swiftly exited back to the street. I told my girlfriend I immediately needed to get to the hospital, and word started to spread among the family. Without any option for a taxi or ambulance, we were forced to ride by bicycle to the hospital. Upon arrival, I was laid out in an examination room with my girlfriend and her mother standing at the end of the table, with my full injury on display. This was necessary, as I do not speak German and needed translation. I was diagnosed with Testicular Torsion and required immediate surgery. The procedure was a success, and I departed the hospital the following day to return to the family's house.

Back in their house, I was laid out in pain, recovering from my procedure. During this time, the whole family was working on renovating the bottom floor of the house. I felt guilty that I could not assist in their efforts, and isolated myself in discomfort. After 4 days being distant in their home, I was able to get on a flight back to America to see my English-speaking Doctor. My girlfriend would stay behind with the intention of traveling back the following week. We were on the verge of having a normal relationship, once again, after being separated for 5 months.

Then I inadvertently screwed up with her parents. The day following my arrival back to America, I wrote her parents an email attempting to explain my bad behavior during my stay in Germany. I thanked them for their hospitality, and humbled myself to any criticism they may have possessed. This letter was taken as an attack, and I received a reply 3 days later criticizing me for being snide and lacking self-confidence. They trivialized my relationship with their daughter and made the determination that I was not good enough to be with her. Thirty minutes later, and just one week after my medical emergency, my girlfriend broke up with me over Skype.

Instead of traveling back to America, she has stayed in Germany for another two weeks. She has only listened to her parents about their limited view of my conduct. She will not talk to me and will not stand up for the love we genuinely found together.

She returns to America tomorrow, from my understanding. I'm not going to harass her, but I'm truly devastated to have lost her. Hopefully her friends will help her form her own opinion of things.

If you've read this far, thank you. I felt compelled to write the whole background as I'm so very confused by these circumstances. There is no take-away lesson from this experience, and that almost makes it harder to recover from and rationalize.



July 28, 2010 @ (TX)

Tags: sucks

sucks when your bofriends best friend shows you a text that he is going to decide to break up with you soon...i called the next few minutes and said it was over :D
it was fun to do the favor for him.


John L.

July 25, 2010 @ (Orlando)

Tags: Why does this happpen

I have posted my story and it was the first time I ever had something like this happen.

My question after reading other peoples stories is this.

While everyone says move on thats all you can do. Others try to take revenge but my question is why?

Why do people of today treat people with such little respect. Sex is seen as nothing more than a social event when that is never what it was designed for. It was meant for marriage.

Look at all the media around you (sex sells) look at we as a people and what we are becoming. People are so selfish that they forget that the one thing you do is put the other individual above yourselves.

We are all here because the person we thought we could trust, believe in, give our lives to, want to be with for the rest of our lives, etc. Left or broke us. How many of us have done this to others. Yes many times it's better that we split (abusive or harmful) but at the same time its become normal to break people's hearts and souls and in some cases we still don't know why the other did it.

I am challenging all of you since you have gone through a breakup to stop and think. Don't just jump into bed. Look at the person in the face and ask is this the woman or man I can spend my life with. Waking up to their face every morning and never getting tired of it.

Don't let your emotions run your life. Stop the cycle that the world has said is normal. Stop having sex just because it feels good. Or you are lonely. Grow up and set an example for others to follow.



July 25, 2010 @ (New York)

Tags: J

So I was datinq this quy since march[on&off relationship]and after a few weeks of us datinq he[lets call him J] cheated on me. I found out on my own because J did not bother to tell me himself. So i was depressed cause I had really liked this J. I broke up with J&we qot back toqether a week later.A month later J cheated on me aqain & J wanted to try and work it out but I said no. So we were not toqether for about a few months then we started talkinq aqain.J told me he really loved me& that he was sorry for what he had done.I qot back with J for 2 days but broke up with him cause I realized I was still stuck on one of the other quys I dated while me & J were not talkinq. So J was the one hurt & I was with the other quy.So me & J kept talkinq as friends but we still flirted A LOT. So after a month of me beinq with the other quy, me & J qot back toqether.



July 22, 2010 @ (bob)

Tags: help

i dating a girl after she was with a boy for a 1 and a half years and he broke up with her because she her best friend dirty things just joking around. and she was depressed for two months and 6 months later i met her and we talked for 4 months and dated for 2 and she broke up with me and said she couldnt do stuff with me because she still loved him and he hasnt talked to her for 6 months and she wants him back now and he wants her and ive been very depressed and when she told me i told her i hateed her and idk what to do


Ansi Jose

July 22, 2010 @ (Trivandrum)

Tags: Escape from Hell

I was in a relationship for the last two years. People will wonder how i managed to stay with someone stupid for such a long time. The person whom i loved used to call me names all the time and those words were so uncultured that i initially beg him to stop saying them. he won't and finally in an effort to get myself out of that pain, i used to bang my head on the wall and then he will scream " die you wretched bitch!" Once i took a whole strip of pills in an attempt to kill myself but that was a failure. He never used to give me any freedom. All the twenty-four hours of my life was for him. I can't watch a movie that i like, i can't talk to my mother or my brother, and i can't even go out with my friends. And the most important thing is that i can't even look at other boys. And the funny part is that he used to have a lot of girlfriends who used to visit his home and with whom he used to spend days together. Everything was forbidden just for me. And he won't let me do a job. Twice i got decent jobs but he will call me names all the way to my work place and he wanted me to take off on all the days that he liked. I had to leave both those jobs because of him. But it was okay if he is capable of getting a good income. that he was not! He never used to go for any jobs and he won't attend interviews saying that they will be tough! And to make things worse he has a brother who is handicapped and he wants me to look after him and his old father sitting at home. He never wanted me to be independent. At that point, i realized what he wants is just a servant, not a wife. And many times i tried to end that relationship but he will convince me to continue it and then again will start torturing me. Yesterday was the day when i took the final decision. I found out that i never can spoil my whole life for the sake of a stupid and incompetent person like this. So i finally said that "No". And of course he has threatened me that he is going to publish all the photos we had together everywhere and my mother and i are going to fall on his feet. And i also suspect myself to be pregnant. But come what may, I'm going to be firm on this decision and I am not going to spoil the rest of my life because of him.


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