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September 12, 2010 @ (WestCoast)

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My girlfriend of 9 years broke up with me to be with an old high school friend. The sad part is that I have a feeling that they will eventually get married within the next year or so. Im absolutely crushed like never before. Weve had our share of problems throughout our relationship and unfortunately its mostly my fault. I feel so stupid for taking her for granted.

We met in college back in 2001 and it started out as the most beautiful thing in this world that either of experienced. We were soul mates and were certain that wed be together forever. It was like we were two peas in a pod, amongst a campus full of strangers and were very happy we found one another. It didnt take us but 6 months to move in together we were so in love. However, after graduating college, I struggled for years, and was depressed even, to find a job. She supported us for most of our relationship as she was blessed with a wonderful career as an exceptional community organizer, which she now serves as the executive director of her organization. Me on the other hand, struggled immensely to find my passion, and had several dead end low paying jobs.. This was emotionally hard on me, and most certainly on her. However, we would make the best of our situation by taking various trips around the country and enjoying the natural bond we had for one another. We didnt have to take trips really we enjoyed staying home together, whether we were intimately conversing about any topic or making passionate love. However, my career struggles took a severe toll on our relationship. I even went through a period of alcohol abuse, which lasted a couple of years. Eventually, after 4 great years she began to loose interest in me, and cheated on me a few times. Although I was obviously crushed, I took her back because I loved her so so much and believed we could work through anything, plus I always envisioned her as the mother of my kids. Fast forward to January 2008, I eventually found a job which pays great and I absolutely love-- finally Im able to support us and feel good about myself in that regard. We celebrated the entire 2008 in the name of my success and life seemed golden--finally my career struggle was over! Unfortunately I started to drink again and lied several times about it and thus undermining any trust left. At that time, she started to give me warnings that I had to stop or else shed leave. Fortunately I finally stopped, but we would still argue. She also began to voice, starting in mid-June of this year, that she was growing unsatisfied in our relationship and that we needed to talk. I unfortunately kept prolonging the talk and became slightly tuned out every time she said it. Beginning of August I noticed she started to act suspect: she seemed to pay more attention to sending text messages on her smart phone than being in my company. So, I naturally had a hunch something was wrong, so I checked her work email and noticed she made reservations at hotel to be with some random guy, the weekend I was going out of town visit college friends in LasVegas. To make a long painful story short, I confronted her about it over the phone while she was at work, she became shell-shocked that I found out and started crying. We hang up and she eventually came home from work. The first thing she said was we should break up and that I shouldve talked to her but now its too late we have to break up. Im begging and pleading for her to get her to change her mind, and that we should talk now, but she insisted we should break up. The next day I go to work, come back home and shes gone. I call her and she said we shouldnt be around each other anymore and one of us needs to move out. Now Im in further disbelief and shock. What follows after that is even more painful drama, trauma rather, and would take another 500 words or so to explain but Ill save the detail--its bad.. In short, shes been at a friends house for the past 3 weeks looking for a place and blocked my number from her cell phone, it turns out this random guy is an old high school friend and they are in a intimate partnership. She even hinted that they are talking about marriage. Meanwhile Ive been alone in our old apartment reminiscing, broken-hearted but refusing to let go, looking at old pictures and her belongings, under an unbearable amount of sorrow, loss of appetite and motivation, deteriorating self-esteem and ego. Ive been reading passages from Psalms to make it through the day. My life feels like its over.



September 09, 2010 @ (california)

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okay so i've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. well ex-boyfriend now. we have a baby girl together, she is about to be ten months. okay so we don't live together & i had thrown away a whole bunch of baby bottles. & i only had 2 i lost one & the other one was in my moms truck & she wasnt home. so i called my bf to go buy me a bottle because of what happened so he said "i dont have a ride & my mom isn't here she has my money" & i clicked & called him ack a whole bunch of times but he wouldnt answer so i called his cousin asking for my bfs mothers cell # he said he didnt have it & i was like hes acting like a little bitch whenever he needs a ride he gets it whenever he needs money he gets it. so i told my bf i dont want you near me or my baby. we dont need you so i called my friend & asked him to get me a bottle from safeway & he did ut before that my bf calls me and says you dont want me to take the bottle i said no its fine & he says fuck you bitch fuck you nigga & more stuff so i just hang up. & he keeps sending me texts so i told him i need space & he has to show me he wants us & show me he didnt mean it & he has to try hard if not im so gone!



September 01, 2010 @ (Texas)

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So I was dating this guy for two months and everything was good. I guess it was only me who was under that belief. One day we're going out the door to go see Date Night (oh the irony) and he turns to me and says, " I think we should break up. I just don't feel the same way about you anymore." All I could say was ok... I mean, if a guy wants to go, be free. I've never been one to entrap the ones I care about.



September 01, 2010 @ (nepal)

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This happened like a week ago..
i am 16
My boyfriend though was of my same age had failed and so i was labelled as a senior...
he liked me.. and later things went on and we felt in love with each other...
he was possessive about me an over possessive one..
He had problem with everything i did.. He didnt like it when i talked to guys..
things were smooth when suddenly one day his parents decided to send him to india for his further studies...we thought we could cope up...he went...he'd cried before he left...
things were fine...
he used to mail me once in a blue because his scool was a strict one...
and then it happened.. they had their first weekend after 50 days...
3 days of being free and i thought he would call me and we would have a nice time ..
but then later found out that his dad had been there and they were persuading him to break up with me... for once i and his mother had met and i dont know how.. some people said stuffs like she's not a nice girl she has links with soo many boys to his parents...
he called me up told me none of his family members like me.. and his father wanted him to change his password...
laster he did change his password i felt bad,,,
the last day before he could return to his hostel.. we both talked online...
and we were okay.. suddenly he just stood up away from the cam and i could just hear his voice in the phone"bitch all you know is how to be horny you think i wanna see your face ever again.. you'll soon be a graduate and i just a pass-out we have no future "
how could he do that to me... when i am soo in love with him just because his parents wanted him to...
we've had sex for about eight times and when i asked him about that he was like people will call u a cheap girl if they find out where did we had sex...
how could he??
will he come back??
i want him to come back...
i have this hope in within that he still loves me and is doing this just under his parents' pressure what do i do ????



August 22, 2010 @ (Canada)

Tags: Phone Break-Up, Pregnant... Not

Ok, so basically I spent the better part of 2 years with this girl that was REALLY hard to get because we were really only dating for 4 1/2 months of that time span... So anyways it started out great, then the sex was gradually added on... But she has an extreme anxiety disorder about a lot of things, one of which include dating (don't as me why, everyone says she's a nutjob for having this)... So she was having all of this attack and stuff because she was late... Now I do not know what she's she scared about, I NEVER came inside... In fact she wasn't even that good in bed so there really shouldn't have been this problem... But no, she starts isolating herself and making me really frustrated because I wanted to badly see her (I was on a co-op placement, so I was away from school for 4 days a week) but she wouldn't allow me... So then she had her period, and I thought everything would be back to normal but then she suddenly said that she didn't feel the same anymore, blah blah blah and broke up with me over the phone... I was shocked so I tried other ways to contact her but I was blocked, so I did some more drastic things and her sister stepped in and everything became a huge mess... Now I really resent her for everything she put me through and for not giving me closure, and it looks like Karma already did its job because she lost ALL of her friends after hearing what she did to me



August 11, 2010 @ (Canada)

Tags: sad, depressing

My boyfriend (now ex) started dating in my first year of highschool. It was one of those highschool relationships that you see on the movies, and who every teenage girl hopes to have. We were together all through out highschool. He was so in love with me. Honestly, Im pretty sure I could of gotten away with anything and he would always come back to me. A lot of it had to do with the fact that we were eachothers first time and lust/love was being thrown around together. But at the end of the day we really did love eachother and we had something that some people will never ever experience. We were best friends. We knew every single thing about eachother. It was a relationship where I could take a crap infront of him and that wasnt a problem at all! haha! at one point he even moved away for half a year and still we some how made it work. But then, oh i forgot to mention he is a year older than me! anyways, he started university and I was in my last year of highschool. Thats when everything changed. We had always had our problems. his was honesty issues, mine where anger issues. But once he moved on, it was like we were completley different people! I know... if any of you are reading this you are probably thinking my story is pretty boring. he never cheated on me with my sister, or i never left him at the alter. We were just two regular people who were at one moment so in love... to not even knowing who eachother were. I guess im writing this because im so depressed and bitter with the reality of relationships and life in General. We ended up breaking up because our lives and our relationships became so routine. We new that we loved eachother but we were stuck making time to see eachother to make love with one another, to make sure we set enough time to have a phone conversation once a day, made sure we sent eachother at least 10 txts a day to make sure our days were going alright. It was horrible and I was unhappy, and because I was unhappy we fought... all the time. So those "dates" turned into a boxing ring. So eventually I had to end it. that was about around last christmas. I didnt blame him, nor did I blame myself. I blamed our situation. He was in Univserity and leading a completley different life than me, I was enjoying my last year of highschool. But since we broke up, I have had a few flings, slepted with a random, tried to pretend that those guys could at some point mean something to me, but at the end of the day, it was always him, and I feel as if it will ALWAYS be him. But again, it hurts me so much to see how things change... it wasnt supposed to turn out this way. I am now moving to Europe in a few weeks for a year, he has a new girlfriend( who is horrible) and we went from being so happy and to not being able imagine our selves without eachother, to leading completley different lives without eachother in them. Am I still in love with him- Yes. most definatley... if he magicaly asked me to be with him again would i say yes-No. Definatly not. I wish i could of met him in 5 years.. thats what i always told him. I wish we met in a different life where we could be with eachother and love eachother completley without having such barriers set up between us, masking the love we had for eachother. I cry at night, i miss him every night. I dont want to leave without him touching me, kissing me, looking me in te eyes one last time. But i know thats not possible. i want him to be able to move on, all i want is for him to be happy. He deserves it.



August 11, 2010 @ (usa hillbilly vill)

Tags: karma revenge

lol so just to shorten it up

i dated this girl once before and she lied and bla bla bla we broke up it took a big tole on our friendship but 2 yeaqrs later she starts hunting for my cock. the sex was great and after 4 months of kinky nasty porno grade sex she decides we should date. so we have a good relationship for about a year we decides to get engaged excetra and then one day she want to go to some crapy concert but i have to work so she takes her (male) cousin ok what ever thats fine they are bot mettle heads but after that she started to get distant from me and going out when i wasn't home but wouldn't tell me shit so i being tech savvy loged into her email to see pictures of her cousin jacking it and her reply's on how she loved sucking his cock (fucking smaller than mine ) and how she loved the feel of it going down her throat bla bla bla you get the point plus references to them having sex.... nasty anywho so obviously we break up she moves out and in with her mom and dad (come on your 34)...around 3 weeks later she starts dating her cousin ( whom she had introduced as a 1st cousin but is now claiming he is a 3rd) ok now this guy is a piece of work hes dating and fucking his cousin of some number and totally controlling her life telling her where she can go what she can do who she can be friends with (cuz she still wants to be friends with me )"not going to happen" any who she starts pissing every one off with her whining about how controlling he is and how he is an alcoholic and not showing up for his job and lying about why we broke up (she gets mad at me for telling people that we broke up because she was cheating on me with her cousin) "truth hurts i guess".... so time passes she is still bitching about him but in under a year she is engaged to the dick. but there is a problem yup he is married has been for years... so now about 2 years later she is stuck with a guy that quit his job in a depression they are both living at her mom and dads and she still bitches about him being a controlling drunk but she wont do anything about it because she alienated all her friends and doesnt want to admit to being a cunt lol KARMA is a bitch inst it



August 09, 2010 @ (Edinburg)

Tags: archie1

My girlfriend broke up with me because i was a total jerk to her, 2 months went by she would text me here and there and eventually got back together. Things were going great just last night she got mad at me becuase of an arguement we had together we sat down and talked about it she told me that things weren't going to be the same anymore and my feelings for me either. She told me she didn't want a boyfriend right now and wasn't planning in looking for one right now due to family,work,school issues. She told me that she didn't love me anymore and this realationship wouldn't be the same.i cried for a bit but not as much as i did before. I told her thanks for being a big influence in my life i told her she would always be in my thoughts and that i will never forget her. Now i hope we did right thing because she would tell me i was the best boyfriend so far, until i screw it over..hopefully she realizes despite the fights we had that i was there for her all the time and loved her for who she was...



August 05, 2010 @ (Las Vegas)

Tags: cheat heartbreak

So, I had an extremely huge crush on a girl in my class for almost a year. She was way out of my league, so I spent most of my time daydreaming. One night, she told me she liked me, for a long time. I was shocked, yet happy. We hung out, then I proceeded to ask her out. She said, "Of Course!". About 1 month and a half into the relationship, on her birthday, I came over to her house to surprise her with gifts and balloons. She loved it. That night, I went to a concert with my bestfriend. I lost my phone while there and asked him if I could borrow his to make a call. I used my friend's phone to call my girlfriend to tell her what happened. Just after, I stumbled upon text messages on my friend's phone from my girlfriend. The messages were too friendly. I died inside. After a week of confusion, I had to break up with her, and I had to stop being friend's with my best friend...of 11 years. My ex kept denying everything, that "She was just trying to be friendly" I didn't listen. A few days later, I found out that she never told anyone that we were going out. She kept the relationship a big secret. She told her friends that I never asked her out. She flirted with numerous guys while I thought we were going out. She was even secretly dating another guy behind my back too. The same thing happened to him too. I was the victim of a game she liked to play. She lied to me, cheated, and made me lose my best friend. She took my heart out, branded it, and gave it back to me.



August 04, 2010 @ (USA)

Tags: pregnancy, birthday

Today is my 16th birthday. I'm five months pregnant; my boyfriend (well, ex now) and I had been going out for nearly a year. I loved him very much. We did everything together, even well into the pregnancy. He said we'd always be together, etc. He went out of town and I didn't see him for two weeks, during which time he didn't contact me at all. When he got back, he was frustrating and distant. But yesterday, he came over and said he wanted to take a step back because he was overwhelmed with how I've become a different person (of course I have; I'm pregnant and the stress he's putting on me is only making it worse). We compromised by agreeing to still hang out once or twice a week, not see anybody else, and let our relationship rebuild itself naturally. But he agreed to take me out to dinner and a movie today, since it's my birthday. It would be kind of like a first date all over again. And I was OK with that. I waited all day for him. When he was hours late, I finally texted him. Over a text message, he told me he was busy with some other girl and that we shouldn't see each other anymore. The baby will be born in a few months, at which point she'll go to live with adoptive parents. And I thought THAT on its own would be painful enough....


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