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October 27, 2010 @ (Florida)

Tags: example 3

So I dated this guy for almost 4 years. He was my first really kiss, my first love, my first everything. I never had anything more with him because I was scared. Well, we were dating from the 7th grade to halfway through 9th grade. I waited for him outside a corner near his classroom and he had a weird look on his face. He pulled me aside from my friends and said, It's over. I don't want to be friends. I didn't believe him. I asked my friends and they said that it was true. I cried for a week and he never apologized. Well, I dated my best friend a month later and we dated for a year and a half. We brokeup because he didn't have time for me anymore. We're still friends and we still talk alot.


Dale M

October 26, 2010 @ (Illinois + kentucky)


Well, got back from Afghanistan and hooked up with an old booty call. We connected and spent all of my leave together. I went to Fort Hood and she went to college. I drove 1200 miles each way 15 times in 4 months. I spent every penny i had on her. We always had so much fun hanging out. We started to argue every once in a while and i knew i couldnt know all the things she did, so i just didnt ask. Well, after 1 year and 6 months im about to deploy again and she calls me while she is drunk and having sex with another guy. After all blood and sweat i put into going to the gym to stay in shape for her, all the dinners and nights me and her had, all the great times. im so lost and pathetic idk what to do. i have no where to vent or go. how does someone recover from this? after one puts every ounce of love and care into a relationship and gets the worst possible break up..



October 23, 2010 @ (Miami fl)

Tags: first love??

Iam 20 years old. Ive been a player living the single life since I got out of hi skool. 2 months ago i met a girl at a telly and we hooked up that same nyt. At first we started as frends with benefits but we both got attached and fell in love! Or so I thought. We had broken up once before because of something really bad that she did (not cheating) but bad. I missed her so much and we worked it out and got back together. After a few weeks i started realizing things were getting bad again and the relationship was going no where again and she loved to fight and argue but not take blaim for anything. Then one day we got over a silly arguement over the fone and she texted me saying its over! All that supposed love and she ended it over a stupid arguement. Then she also had a guy call me threatning me. This girl was my first love and it was all a joke and game to her. When it started off the other way around that she kept pressuring me to be with her and i did not want 2. Now i cant get her off my mind. but if i call her or text her back I lose!



October 23, 2010 @ (glen allen)

Tags: funny and dramatic

my boyfriend and i started out really happy. then we started drifting apart. he started acting like a jerk and i felt really self concious around him. we tried to talk about it but we never had time alone. eventually we broke up:( we stayed friends for like a day and then we had a huge fight. im not going to go into too much detail but lets just say i called him a jerk and he cussed at me. anywho, we ended up apologizing and we bacame friends again. eventually we both realized that we both still feelings for one another so we tried to start dating. on our firat date of the second try we only talked about why we broke. we ended up having another huge fight and we broke up again. i thought that wuz the end of ojr entire relationship. we finally made up and now were super great friends again. Just so that you know, this all happened within a week. every now and then ill have a sudden urge to like him and ask for him back but i just brush it off and move on



October 22, 2010 @ (Noneyabeeswax)

Tags: Boys, Drama

Okay so I like this guy name Brandon. He's perfectt and well the thing that sucks is he doesn't like me but maybe I'm annoying? Haha I've asked him out 50 bigilioon times or soo(: anyways I'm so anxipus to find out who's hes gonna ask out... maybe itss one of my friends (I'd be happier if it was me though) actuallyy I might pass out. Anywayss I HOPE THIS WEEKEND FLIES BYE...SUPRISINGLY



October 20, 2010 @ (florida)

Tags: example 1

So i was hooking up with this guy who went by the nickname drama yah fucking dumb right ha well anyway we are hooking up like almost everynight and we both agree that its nothing more than sex well then i kinda fall for him but he says it wont happen so i break things off well then he comes back and says he does like me so we start back up again only for two days later he is fucking another girla dn telln me all about it. So should i walk away for good or try to see if things will get better.



October 18, 2010 @ (school)

Tags: exam, sex

I dated my ex for 3 years and one hour before my final exam he decides to 'accidently' break up with me. he only dated me for the sex and etc. needless to say i failed. the next day he proceeds to have sex with me and messes with me. afte that he ignores me AFTER getting me pregnant.



October 18, 2010 @ (facebook)

Tags: facebook, idiot

after dating this guy for 3 years he dumps me on facebook by sending me a message to my inbox then signing off line. he said he never really liked me.....



October 17, 2010 @ (California)

Tags: jealousy, ossessive, cheating, moving on, fake

I dated my ex for 13 months and it's been 2 months since the breakup, but I still feel lke crying every now and then. He told me that if I ever broke up w/ him he'd never date,marry, or have kids with anyone else because he'd love me forever and would nver break up with me. What bullshit. I broke it off, and it seems like it's taking a toll on me and not so much on him.Just a few minutes ago I accidently went to my friend's page, who's also his friend because of me, and saw a post by him and,consequently, his new profile pic.It's indeed pathetic that he's probably trying to make me jealous by posting some pic of him and a girl,but it was enough to make me feel even worse. How do I move on?He told me he's started smoking,so I kno it was hard for him too, but i think it's even harder for me because he always lied to me and probably cheated on me, who knows. He gave out his number to his girl-friend on facebook and I found this out b/c I had his account info, but I thought he'd have the decency to tell me instead of having me find out like that.I wouldn't've been mad at him for that if he hadn't lied and said he didn't wanna talk to any girls but me. Not to mention he admit he took me for granted the first 10 months of the relationship, chose his friends and work over me, etc. I wanna unlove him so bad and meet someone better and worthy of my love.It hurts me because he was my first love and the first person I lost my v to, and I've heard that you can never get over your first love. I hope that's not true.My best friend said she always hated him and sensed his fakeness from the start,and now I regret dating him and losing it to him. I may have cheated on him twice, but I never felt so guilty because he treated me so bad. He started trying to control how I dress and what I do.He was so jealous and possessive,but deep down I knew he was just using me for sex and cus he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. It's just so hard to move on after knowing his family and reminscing about all the good times, any advice for me?



October 14, 2010 @ (Santa Cruz, CA)

Tags: Marines, Texts, heroin

I started dating this guy right before he left for Marine Corps bootcamp. We wrote letters back and forth, and when he got home it was absolute bliss, we were both in love. So he finishes his training, during which he flies me out to NC from CA just to see me for 3 days. He tells me about his most recent ex, and old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for years, who he broke up with because she was addicted to heroin. So sad, he just wanted to let me know she called him from rehab, apologizing for making him dump her because she chose the drugs over him. Just so you know...
Fast forward several weeks, he's back home, were still in love, he wants me to move to SD with him, but Im going to school in SC so it couldnt work out. But I spend the weekend with him, roll out of bed on Monday to go to class, we each say I love you...

...Apparently they got married while I was at school.
...While we were still dating.
...Before he broke up with me over a text message.
...And his MOM told me.

Ya. A motherfucking Marine. Thats honor, courage and commitment if I ever saw it.


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